Use personalized thank you gifts for kids’ teachers to offers a tangible way to express parents’ heartfelt gratitude and recognition. You know parents’ recognition and appreciation is best gift for every teacher.

Teachers play an important role in guiding the growth and development of a child. Starting from learning the alphabets in nursery school, a child develops the skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. The child then progresses to study literature, science, mathematics, social studies, and foreign languages in high school.

All this growth in intellect would not be possible without the guidance and constructive support of the teachers.

As parents, we love both of our children’s teachers. They have both done above and beyond the call of duty to make sure our children are getting the best education possible in the current school system. It is appropriate to show our appreciation to our children’s teachers by sending them a small gift.

There are many kinds of teacher appreciation gifts you can choose, but don’t miss 10 thank you gifts below:

1. Teacher Gift Basket

There are gift baskets designed with teachers in mind. One such basket consists of a gift tote filled with an inspirational book for teachers, a coffee cup, a writing notebook, gourmet coffee, and a variety of gourmet treats.

2. Homemade Gifts for Teacher

Handmade gifts are especially meaningful, and there are many gifts that your child can help you create that will be special and different. Creating a gift with your child will help him to learn about expressing gratitude to others, especially his teachers.

3. Homemade Treats

Everyone appreciates the hard work that goes into homemade goodies, from cookies to fudge, jams and jellies. But teachers tend to get overloaded with sugary snacks at the end of the year. Instead of brownies, consider sending a fruit basket, restaurant gift certificate or a seed kit for a summer garden.

4. Thank You Teacher Cards/Notes/Letter

This is simple but meaningful teacher gifts, they will read your appreciation and concern from the teacher appreciation wording or poems on the card/notes/letter.

5. Travel Mugs

A teacher can never have too many coffee cups, she particularly loves the travel mugs that easily ride along with her from home to school. You can send an attractive white ceramic coffee mug that come in many different designs to choose from. The mug can be personalized with the teacher’s name, grade level and subject. The teacher can use the mug for their hot drinks.

6. Decoration

Most teachers appreciate vases and other ceramic dishes she can use around their living-room. There are wealth of gifts about decoration you can choose include the picture framed, perennial plant, window curtain etc.

7. To help teacher prepare their garden for spring planting

Your kids’ teacher may have no enough time to prepare their garden beds and plots for spring planting. You can send them some gardening tools they need include shovels, spades, rakes, loppers, bulb diggers, weeds and plows and then give them the suggestion of how to prepare their garden beds and plots for spring planting during Spring Break.

8. Offer to Babysit

A teacher’s job can be challenging and stressful at times. And teacher rarely get a chance to look after themselves. Offer to babysit while she goes and get a relaxing massage, mud wrap and manicure and pedicure. If the teacher is a man, check with the spa to see if they have special services just for men.

9. New Hair Style for Teacher

Give good suggestion about new hair style for your kids’ teacher, to help them have new spirit. You can invite them enjoy the hairdressing courses or training.

10. Personal Stationery

Teachers love your thoughtful stationery, and use them more than most other professions (they have to send them out for all of these great end-of-the-year gifts!).

11. Teacher Awards

Teacher Appreciation Award A big “Thank You” and round of applause for a job well done, the Crystal Book makes a unique teacher award plaque to express your heartfelt appreciation.

In summary, teachers hold the important job of shaping the life of your child. Don’t wait until the Teacher Appreciation Week to show your gratitude. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, end of school year, back to school, or retirement is also right time to express your appreciation.


Graduation is a time of change and transition for students and teachers alike. Many students enjoy giving gifts to the important teachers in their lives who have helped guide them through school, especially on Teacher Appreciation Day.

The passage from elementary school to middle school is a huge step in a student’s life, and it’s also a wonderful opportunity to present a teacher with a special, meaningful present.

Do you know sometimes just your simple thank you teacher card with special handwriting teacher appreciation quotes was very unique to your teacher and holds a warm place in her/his heart.

A memorable Teacher Gifts from Elementary Graduation Student can be a lifetime memento of a wonderful time in your teacher’s life. Here are some fresh teacher gifts ideas you can try to choose them for your teacher at the end of Elementary School.

1. Perennial Plant

Purchase a perennial plant from a nursery or home improvement store, along with a plain terra-cotta flower pot to hold the plant. Let the student decorate the flower pot with graduation words and pictures. Tie a handmade gift tag onto the flower pot with the teacher appreciation wording, “Thank you for helping me grow!”

2. Teacher Appreciation Mug

Fill a flowered mug with a students’ printed or appreciation poems on it with candy. A teacher poem involving a topic of study that she has been teaching would be extra special. Choose high-end candy that is wrapped in beautiful, foiled paper. Cover the mug and candy with cellophane and tie with a pretty ribbon.

3. Child-made Collage

child-made collage can be a very funny and rewarding expression of teacher appreciation, both on Teachers day and along the year. Parents should guide their kids towards collages made with easy and safe materials: different types of paper, child-safe glue, paper flowers, stickers, pictures, plastic scissors for kids, etcetera. Have your child dedicate the collage for teacher appreciation with a little poem or some few words or thank you teacher quotes.

4. Gift Cards

Gift cards are usually much appreciated because they allow the recipient to select something they would really enjoy. For teachers at graduation, pick gift cards that allow the teacher to spoil themselves a little. Think about a gift card to a bookstore, a nice restaurant or a local spa. Gift cards are available for most budgets, and students can pool their funds and buy one as a group.

When buying a teacher appreciation gift, try not to get him or her anything expensive, unless it’s a collective gift bought by the whole class. Otherwise your teacher might feel uneasy about this. Hence teacher gifts for elementary graduation class are more meaningful but first you should know more about teacher gifts.

The end of school is a sad time. Saying goodbye to classmates, teachers and a familiar setting can be very difficult. However, with some careful planning and a little creativity, the end of the year is a perfect time to reflect, ease transition and celebrate all the learning and growth that has taken place throughout the year.

5. Decorating your classroom

Let your teacher gift help to liven up the classroom. You could give anything from a “best teacher” pencil holder to a Mickey Mouse wall clock.

You could also have your child make a homemade gift decoration for their teacher. A desk picture frame or wall calendar is gift ideas that could be hand made by a child. It would be fun to make and leave a good impression on the teacher.

6. Simple Graduation Party

Elementary students may be too young to hold a normal and wonderful appreciation party, it does not matter, and mostly, a simple but sweet thank you teacher song or poem will hold a warm and unforgettable impression on teacher’s heart.

7. Teacher Appreciation Reading Activity

For teacher, you have taught your students all year long, so during the last week of school, let them teacher you something, reading something for you, tell some interesting story for you. Set aside an entire day and allow students to sign up for a block of teaching time.


Appropriate and heartwarming teacher appreciation wording always plays important role in teacher appreciation plaque.

Sincere appreciation and recognition from kids’ parents will best gift for every teacher. Though, as kid’s parents, you want to choose some unique gift to show your gratitude, you would like customize personalized and sparkling crystal engraved teacher plaque to tell kid’s teacher “Thank you for your great work, and you are special”.

I am sure that it will be surprise to teacher if you present with a crystal plaque engraved with warm appreciation wording at the party to celebrate the Teacher Appreciation Day or retirement. Use right sayings, quotes or poems to express gratitude and recognition in teacher appreciation plaque is highlight, but do you have enough collections of teacher appreciation wording?

Here are a few sample appreciation quotes, poems and layouts that might encourage those who teach. Feel free to use these in awards or gifts as you pray for or encourage kids’ teacher.

Teacher Appreciation Plaque Wording Ideas: Quotes

  1. A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. -Henry Adams
  2. Education is the best provision for the journey to old age. -Aristotle
  3. Teach the children so that it will not be necessary to teach the adults. - Abraham Lincoln
  4. Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education. The human mind is our fundamental resource. - John F. Kennedy
  5. I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.  ~Alexander the Great
  6. I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.  ~Author Unknown
  7. No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others.  The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.  ~Author Unknown
  8. Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.  ~William Arthur Ward
  9. Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained. - James A. Garfield
  10. He who opens a school door, closes a prison. - Victor Hugo[Click here to read 21 teacher appreciation quotes]

Teacher Appreciation Plaque Wording Ideas: Poems

Teacher poems are an excellent way of voicing your thanks and appreciation to a special teacher who has helped you through the past few months at school during the Teacher Appreciation Week . It is always better to write your own teacher appreciation poem.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t sound so “literary” as other poems you’ve heard. It has a higher value: it’s yours! But, if you need some inspiration, have a look at these 9 thank you poems.

Teacher Appreciation Plaque Wording Layout

Class Gift For Teacher QuoteClass Gift For Teacher Quote

Thank you so much for all that you do.
You have made such an impact on all of us.
Your words of wisdom will guide us
And give us courage to chase our dreams.
Thank you so much!
You are so much more than a teacher, but a friend.
An excellent gift idea for a class to give teachers at end of the year

Teacher Appreciation Gift WordingTeacher Appreciation Gift Wording

With enduring appreciation for sharing
your gift of teaching countless students at
Boston University School of Management.
You had the mastery, commitment,
passion and a strong sense of giving
to reach our grateful students.

Teacher Appreciation Plaque Wording LayoutTeacher Appreciation from Class

In recognition of your years of dedication to education,
especially those that have impacted our individual lives;
we, the Austin High School Class of 1986
present you with this token of
our sincere appreciation and love.
Thank You Teacher!
A thoughtful Teacher Gift to express your appreciation

Teacher Appreciation Plaque Wording LayoutTeacher Thank You Gift Quote

We, the class of 1986, want you to know that
you have touched our lives in so many ways
as a teacher, mentor and friend.
“The kind of person we all want to be when
growing up and the kind of person we wish
we could have been when we are older.”
A nice appreciation quote with a personal “thank you”!




Across the country, all the major branches of our armed services and their families have received special recognition during the month of May. May is military appreciation month.

The Senate first passed a resolution in 1999 formally designating May as National Military Appreciation Month. That declaration summoned U.S. citizens to observe the month “in a symbol of unity …to honor the current and former members of the armed forces, including those who have died in the pursuit of freedom and peace.”

The month culminates in the three-day Memorial Day weekend, commemorated by celebrations, parades, and memorial services established to honor all who serve. During Military Appreciation Month, you can show your appreciation and support for our Troops on Military SpousePublic Service Recognition WeekAppreciation Day, Armed Force Day.

Traditionally, May has focused on the military in many ways:

1) Public Service Recognition Week, celebrated the first full Monday through Sunday in May since 1985, recognizes the roles of public servants, including the military, at local, state, regional and federal levels. As a part of PSRW, communities across America showcase military equipment and service members from U.S. installations. The largest PSRW event takes place on Washington’s National Mall, where more than 100 federal agencies, including the military services, put their activities, people and equipment on public display. This year’s mall event is May 6-9.

2) Military Men and Women, past and present, for their sacrifices, dedication, and service to our country through our appreciation letters, emails, cards and prayers.

3) April 30, Ninth Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard, featuring The Spinners, Chubby Checker, The Embers, the Catalina, The Craig Woolard Band and 

Coastal Uncorked Food & Wine FestivalAtlantic Groove.

4) Free Military Band Concerts, Every Friday evening in May, Ninth Avenue North and Ocean Boulevard, our Troops can enjoy every concert with free.

5) Coastal Uncorked Food & Wine Festival, the inaugural Coastal Uncorked Food and Wine Festival will take place May 16 through 23, 2010, in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for our Troops

6) Award our Troops.

A medal will not be awarded or presented to any individual whose entire service subsequent to the time of the distinguished act, achievement, or service has not been honorable. The determination of “honorable” will be based on such honest and faithful service according the standards of conduct, courage, and duty required by law and customs of the service of a member of the grade to whom the standard is applied.

Military Achievement Award

Military Service Plaque

Military Service Award

Military Appreciation Plaque

Military Leadership Plaque

Military Retirement Plaque

For individuals, don’t know more how to adequately show or convey their gratitude to individual soldiers during Military Appreciation Day. Here are some ways we can show support for our Troops, year-round:

  • Attend military ceremonies. Almost all communities across the United States hold some type of military ceremony every year.
  • Hold a party. Simple but warm military appreciation party is filled with nice military appreciation show, play, songs, poem recital etc.
  • Attend a parade. Find out in advance where it is and get there early enough to find a good spot to view it from. Take your camera if you want to capture some memories from the occasion.
  • Fly the flag. There are many guidelines for displaying the American flag properly, with respect to the flag itself, as well as to any other flags that may be displayed along with it.
  • Offer a message or a salute of support for the 2011 Military Appreciation Day.

Involve children in the celebrations:

  • Prepare military appreciation-themed lesson for students. Educators could write lesson plans reviewing the history of the American military.
  • Print off U.S. flags and have children color them in.
  • Make patriotic crafts together. Make a pinwheel, a paper star, or a wind sock in flag colors.
  • Hold Military Appreciation Month-themed Reading. Teach our children know more about Military, many kinds books can help them know why we want to show our support and gratitude for Troops.

More articles related Military Appreciation:

How to Show Support and Appreciation for Military

Military Spouse Appreciation Day

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Armed Force Day

Veterans Day


Most people in the United States are grateful for the men and women serving in the military that provide them with the freedoms they have. Too often this appreciation goes unnoticed simply because individuals don’t know how to adequately show or convey their gratitude to individual soldiers.

Show appreciation on these Official Days

Name Date
Military Appreciation Days May 1 – 31, 2011
Armed Forces  Day 21-May
Military Spouse Appreciation Day 13-May
Memorial Day 30-May
Veterans Day 11-Nov

1. Military Appreciation Day

Military Appreciation Day is an event organized by volunteers to provide a day of fishing for our Active Duty Military, Guard and Reservists. The event also includes activities for their families and a southern style cookout.


  1. Many hospitality industries give free “Thank you” dinner to any person who has ever served in the United Stated Military on its Military Appreciation Monday.
  2. Military appreciation night – Performance team will pay homage to the men and women who serve our country as it hosts the Military Appreciation evening party on appreciation day.
  3. Fundraising and volunteer activities – Which help military family enjoy better life and help some family get out of difficult including disease, disaster.

2. Military Spouse Appreciation Day

It is a day that is set aside each year to recognize and honor the contributions and sacrifices of military spouses.

1) The history of Military Spouse Appreciation Day – In 1984, then President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the Friday before Mother’s Day to be designated as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Since then, each President and senior military leaders have echoed the sentiments expressed by President Reagan.

2) How to celebrate Military Spouse Appreciation Day

* National Military Spouse Appreciation Day means the laundry and housekeeping fairies will show up at your house while the cabana boy will hand you drinks with umbrellas by the pool.

* Every friend and relative shows love and concern by the military spouse appreciation day gifts.

* Inviting every military spouse and family enjoy the Military Spouse Appreciation Day Part which organized by local government and volunteers.

3. Armed Forces Day

Armed Forces Day is always celebrated on the third Saturday in May to honor all American military personnel. There are many ways you can participate and celebrate the occasion:

  1. Attend a military air show - Most air shows are held during the middle to late May. Local media will provide air show information and any other celebration details, or you can call the Public Information Office at your nearest military installation
  2. Sending a care package to military – A military care package can bring the comforts of home to those who are so far away for so long.
  3. Fly the flag on Armed Forces Day - There are many guidelines for displaying the American flag properly, with respect to the flag itself, as well as to any other flags that may be displayed along with it.
  4. Attend a parade – Find out in advance where it is and get there early enough to find a good spot to view it from. Take your camera if you want to capture some memories from the occasion.
  5. The educational Armed Force Day – Plan lessons for school students in the lead up to the event. Educators could write lesson plans reviewing the history of the American military. Develop a thematic approach to incorporate reading, writing, social studies and a craft that are focused on Armed Forces.

4. Veterans Day

A federal holiday, it is observed on November 11.Veterans Day is an annual United States holiday honoring military veterans. It is also celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day in other parts of the world.


  1. To us in America, the reflections of Armistice Day will be filled with solemn pride in the heroism of those who died in the country’s service and with gratitude for the victory, both because of the thing from which it has freed us and because of the opportunity it has given America to show her sympathy with peace and justice in the councils of the nations. – U.S. President Woodrow Wilson
  2. The U.S. President Woodrow Wilson first proclaimed an Armistice Day for November 11, 1919. In proclaiming the holiday


  1. Enjoy Holiday- Many Americans have day off from school or work for Veterans Day. Non-essential federal government offices are closed. No mail is delivered. All federal employees are paid for the holiday; those who are required to work on the holiday sometimes receive wages for that day in addition to holiday pay.
  2. Veterans Day Food – The holiday is often celebrated by having a ravioli meal.
  3. Veterans Day Event – Including Veterans Day party, show, parade and the a U.S.-based program which supports military personnel and their families, offer help with résumé writing, networking, and mentoring for veterans transitioning to civilian life.

5. Memorial Day

Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May. The actual Monday dates for 2009 – 2015 are listed below.

Year Memorial Day
2009 25-May
2010 31-May
2011 30-May
2012 28-May
2013 27-May
2014 26-May
2015 25-May


The first known observance of Memorial Day was in Charleston, South Carolina in 1865; freedmen (freed enslaved Africans) celebrated at the Washington Race Course, today the location of Hampton Park, and each year thereafter.

Traditional Observance

  1. Meeting – During this day, several Marion groups gathered in Marion Friday morning to remember a war hero.
  2. Visiting cemeteries and memorials – Many people observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries and memorials. A national moment of remembrance takes place at 3 p.m. local time.
  3. National Memorial Day Concert – The National Memorial Day Concert takes place on the west lawn of the United States Capitol. The concert is broadcast on PBS and NPR. Music is performed, and respect is paid to the men and women who gave their lives for their country.
  4. Flag of the United States – One of traditions is to fly the flag of the United States at half-staff from dawn until noon local time.

Other occasions show appreciation:

  1. Valentine’s day
  2. Thanksgiving day
  3. Christmas Day

Military Plaques is honored to offer military plaques and awards that represent the pride and accomplishment of our U.S. military servicemen and women.

Military Prayer Plaque

American Flag Plaque 5″

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Military Achievement Award

Crystal Ignite Plaque 5.5″

Crystal Ignite Plaque 7″



Military Service Plaque

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Military Leadership Plaque Radiant Star Award 6″

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Military Achievement Plaque

National Shield Plaque 6″

National Shield Plaque 7.5″

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Military Appreciation Plaque

American Flag Plaque 5″

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