Many companies want to celebrate the Employee Appreciation Week to show appreciation for the hard work of employees. Employee Appreciation Week gives the company the opportunity to recognize employee for their important contributions to the success of the organization, to acknowledge for their dedication and commitment, and to recognize them for a job well done.

When is Employee Appreciation Week 2012?

Employee Appreciation Week does not have a set date each year but is chosen by each company. But the week – Mar.1 – 7 is annual proclaimed “Employee Appreciation Week“. A variety of employee incentive activities determined by each organization occur during Employee Appreciation Week.

Employee Appreciation Week Activities Ideas

Having fun events for your Employee Appreciation Week is a great way to boost overall workplace morale. Employee Appreciation Week can consist of many activities, don’t miss bellowing:

Party - Employee Appreciation Week party is an attempt to expand that idea and let staff know how important they are to the success of company. Your creative employee appreciation speech will be perfect way to let employees know your sincere appreciation and recognition. And thoughtful Employee Appreciation Week gift-giving will leave deep impression upon employees’ heart.

Family Picnic - Your employees don’t have any time for their families and their loved ones because they are too busy with their work. Plan a family day picnic during Employee Appreciation Week in a park and invite your employees and their family and recognize an employee’s hard work in front of her/his loved ones. Include games and entertainment that would appeal to the kids and have a barbecue.

Football Game - There are many ways to make employees more productive, but football game is an opportunity to build relationships with employees. And football is a unique source of bonding between men, it gives men something to talk about, to be social, to communicate, to hang out with friends.

Casual Dress Week - Do you believe casual dress code affects the employee morale, there is a changing attitude to fashion in the workplace and a more casual approach to attire is likely to benefit employee morale and, as result, increase productivity. So let the special and thoughtful casual dress week raises employees’ satisfaction to increases in individual productivity.

Employee Appreciation Week Gifts Ideas

Giving an Employee Appreciation Week gift is also popular. An appropriate employee gift can express your thanks and serve as a lasting reminder of your appreciation. Some of our most popular Employee Appreciation Week gifts have been personalized items, like engraved corporate awards, thank you notes, homemade treats, spring themed gifts and more.

Employee Appreciation AwardsEmployee Awards

Employee appreciation Week is great time to customize a elegant employee award to let your employees know that they are important to company. It may be a surprise to your employee if you present him with a crystal plaque engraved with his name, position and appreciation quotes. They will feel very proud the honors that they have been awarded in their career showcases in the shadow boxes or display cases to the visitors at home.


Thank You NotesThank You Notes

Thank you note is simple and lovely for every employee to show appreciation. Thank you notes are among the easiest messages to write, it may be funny and interesting that glue your heartwarming thank you notes onto employee’s notebook, pen, cup, computer and more others. The content of thank you note is flexible, employee poem, quote, or even simple thank you smile face is perfect.



Employee Appreciation Week Ideas - Delicious Treat IdeasDelicious Treat Ideas

Bring in bagels, doughnuts or another treat for employees and coworkers. Your employees will be interested in cookies or cupcakes if you’ve baked personally.



Spring Themed Gifts Ideas

Employee Appreciation Week Ideas - Spring Themed Gifts IdeasMarch is the time to prepare for spring, and the arrival of garden-themed gift pails. To make an employee’s gardening dreams a reality, include a gift certificate for fifty or one hundred dollars to home and garden center. Each plant, flower or tree that grows will remind your assistants how much their work is valued.


Recognize employee’s achievement timely is important.

Recognition is a fundamental human emotion need, in the work environment it is a necessary – employee respond positively to appreciation expressed through recognition of their work and achievement because it confirm their work is valued, and achievement is outstanding.

Recognizing Employee Achievements

When employees and their contributions and achievement are valued, their satisfaction rises, which in turn tends to lead to increases in individual productivity.

Recognizing employee achievement makes them feel important and appreciated. Creating appropriate opportunities to provide achievement rewards, recognition and thanks to staff is perfect and effective incentive way to retain employees.

Increasingly, employees look for multiple rewards from their work – not just monetary rewards, but also opportunities for leadership, creativity, autonomy, and personal growth. Your employees will be attracted by competitive wages, but understanding what other rewards motivate the work force can help one build what may be the organization’s most valuable asset.

Below are a few recognizing employee achievement ideas for you to browse:

Recognizing Employee Achievement Ideas

  1. Organize a wonderful employee party to celebrate employee achievement.
  2. Take coworkers or staff to lunch for the outstanding achievement. Let your guest pick the restaurant.
  3. Ask your outstanding employees to leader to attend a group/team meeting to share with staff what the group is doing well, how their work helps the department reach its goals.
  4. Post recognition letter for employee’s achievement on a recognition bulletin board.
  5. Send a handwritten note of thanks for the completion of a job well done.
  6. Play family picnic to appreciate and recognize the achievement and service of employee and his/her family.
  7. Create a Hall of Fame wall with photos of outstanding employees.
  8. Give a deserving employee a mug filled with treats.
  9. Offer a free one-year subscription to an employee’s favorite business magazine and have it sent to their home.
  10. Offer a shopping spree to a local supply store for an employee to get items (no staplers or paper clips allowed) to personalize his/her office or cubicle.
  11. One way to gain the hearts of your staff is to treat them to a day at the spa, without ever leaving the office.
  12. Organize an Achievement Award’s banquet.
  13. Use 3×5 cards to write “You’re special because…” statements. People can collect the cards and refer to them when things aren’t going perfectly.
  14. Have weekly breakfasts with groups of employees.
  15. Customize employee achievement award with engraved recognition poem.

Employee Achievement Award Ideas

Employee Achievement Award IdeasCustomize employee achievement awards with engraved recognition quotes/poems to highlight office desk of employees and tell others that “You’re special” is wonderful. But what type of corporate awards should you consider? Optical crystal is popular to make employee recognition award for its clear perfection and sparkling reflection.

As long as there is light, the crystal trophies will sparkle and attract attention. Your employees will proudly display them as a constant reminder of how their good work (or their business) is appreciated.


Valentine’s Day can still be celebrated with romantic deployment gifts though you can’t share this special day with deployed husband.

Your deployed husband who’s ever been away from home for long periods of time can relate to the excitement and joy of receiving your unique Valentines Day presents. Your thoughtful Valentines ideas can raise the morale of your deployed husband and let him to feels like celebrate Valentine’s Day with you while receive your great gifts.

Valentines Day Gifts Suggestion for Deployed Husband

What are the best military Valentines Day gifts should you choose? When choosing the appropriate Valentine’s gift to send overseas, a few suggestions should be kept in mind.

Below are a few tips may help you avoid the question that some military items are not allowed to be sent and other items will not service extreme weather conditions.

  1. Do not include any type of magazines, movies, or pictures that have pornography material in the care package.
  2. Alcohol is illegal in Kuwait. So don’t send any drinks containing alcohol.
  3. Do not send anything that comes in an aerosol can such as deodorant or shaving cream.
  4. If you are preparing romantic Valentines Day present for deployed husband is going on deployment. You should know what your deployed loved one can’t take a whole lot of un-necessary thing along, you should make sure that you’re getting your loved one military gift that don’t take too much space, but that’s full of meaning.

Valentines Day Gifts Ideas

1. Star and Stripes Valentines Plaque

Show your deployed husband deep love by sending him with this celebration of freedom and love design. Star and stripes decorate this military plaque and scrolling fonts add a touch of grace. Our troops are the star of American Freedom. Customize the unique military plaque offers ample space to thank your husband for his service and sacrifice, and show your love and concern.

2. Valentines Care Package

How to prepare the Valentines Day care package for deployed husband? Some small boxes of chocolates, boxes of conversation hearts, heart shaped box of conversation hearts, bags of Kissable, “Walk the Line” soundtrack, a red “I Love You” pillow be available to the Valentine’s care package.

3. Romantic Valentine Message in a Bottle

Send your deployed husband or boyfriend sand, seashells, umbrella and a romantic message personalized by you. Add a cute, heartfelt Valentines message, Valentines love poem to the bottle that expresses the way you feel about him. This romantic and sentimental military Valentines gift will tell him how much you miss him.

4. Valentines Day Poem

A Valentines Day poem is also a memorable and romantic military gift. You don’t need to be a great writer or even have a lot of creativity to write something that your deployed husband feels special. Often times, it is just the extra effort that is enough to surprise and impress your deployed loved one.

5. Valentines Day Card with Love Quotes

6. Valentines Day Bracelets

Engraved charm bracelet with initials of you and your husband is a nice Valentines gift that you can start with a praying hands charm and then your deployed loved one can add to every time he goes some place new.

7. Write Your Love Story

As military spouse, the hardest job in the military for most military spouses found separation during deployment was more difficult than you anticipated. So the first things of your love story are always more memorable.

Remind your love of the first time you met, of the first laugh, the first kiss and write them down. Bring back the exciting time when everything was new and nearly everything the two of you did was a first. It will be perfect that engraving your own love story on the crystal heart Valentine gift.

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A picture frame is a container for a picture, such as a painting or photograph, intended to enhance it, make it easier to display, or protect it. But here, we would like make it as the traditional Valentine’s Day gift for our lover is also wonderful valentine gift ideas. Do you agree with me?

Some people love traditions, so don’t think the old standbys can’t be thoughtful. Rose, candy and cards are popular for a reason.

A lot of people like to receive these love gifts. However, they have not long life in our romantic life though you would like say that they had left deep impression upon my heart though they have gone. It is perfect if you can let them live in the chic picture frame, you will enjoy another happiness.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Let’s make your DIY Picture Frame to add more color with romantic and unique during your special valentine day.

Choose the Shape

Picture frames are generally square or rectangular, though circular and oval frames are not uncommon. You can choose the heart-shaped frames, but it is not easy to add your picture, there are also picture frames designed to go around corners.

You should determine the desired picture frame dimensions. Remember to use the mat, not the picture, as a guide to determine the finished dimensions.

Choose the Material

Picture frames have traditionally been made metal, gold silver bronze, which is still the most common and most prestigious material, although other materials are also used; including aluminum, plastics or polystyrene, even sea shells.

A picture frame may be of any color or texture, but gilding is common, especially on older frames. You just give your lover, there is no need to use expensive material, the wood picture frame is great and easy to make.


Choose Your Picture

Choose your picture you want to add this frame, please make good choice or you can’t put out it from the finishing frame that will be not smart action.

You can ask your lover and know more about her/his mind “Dear, so many beautiful photos. Which one you like best? This one? Oh, no, my smile is so monstrous! I don’t like it!” “No, this is perfect, look at me, so clean and charming, I like this one” OK, now you can go on your next step.

Are you ready for your preparations? Next day I would like tell you how to make this wood picture frame. Don’t go away!


Employee recognition gifts are one of the most effective means to motivate employees.

Employees are very important in a company, because without them, who will work to keep the business going, right? And many employers believe that quarterly performance reviews or quick moments of praise are enough to let employees know that they are valued, recognized and appreciated. That’s to say we need employee recognition.

Why We Need Employee Recognition Gifts?

Why we need employee recognition gifts? Your sincere employee recognition gift is important for employees and company. Making your employees feel appreciated is one of the most important elements in running a successful business and making sure everyone enjoys coming to work every day.

A company can’t run itself without employees’ work. It needs the help, support, and the talents of its employees. To this end, the employees need a reason to feel good about coming to work.

Here is some thoughts show the significance of employee recognition gifts:

1. Buoying for the Employee

The employee who has achieves recognition for their work is always egged on and enthusiastic to perform more. This is just because the employee knows that the company is keeping an appreciative eye on their progress and success.

Employees need to feel competent and confidence in the skills that they bring. You know your employees always spend enormous amounts of time in their lives dedicated to work and to their careers. Organize employee incentive program to give employee recognition gifts will be perfect.

2. Example for the Other Employees

People want to know that their hard work and innovations are being noticed by the right people. If the recognition gift is carried out in a public forum, it also acts as a pat on the back for the other employees, and gives them a reason to perform harder and show off their steel to the employers.

3. Good Vibes

Do you agree with me that the competitive vibes are good for every employee? Motivation is at the heart of all success, as overcoming problems of all kinds relies on this spark to power through them.

All employees like to feel like they are the best in their field, or at least that they are one of the best. Employee recognition awards for the right people signal that the recipients are competitive, and that they are setting the example.

Employee Recognition Gifts Ideas

Recognition gifts come in wide varieties to choose from. You can find several designs and styles that can match any personality. If you are a considerate boss, one of your best options to give are personalized gifts.

Personalized Employee Recognition Gifts

Personalization is heartwarming and touches people’s lives. It makes the gifts last forever. And personalized gifts are simple items that are finished with personal touch of design, which can make meaningful mementos for your outstanding employees.

There are many different types of personalized gifts:

* Personalized engravable super star trophies

* Personalized journal

* Certifications

* Desk accessories

* Pen & clock/calculator desk set in wood box and more

No matter what employee recognition gifts ideas you have, the appropriate recognition gifts are related to your employees’ hobbies, likes, interests, tastes and activities.

Personalized Employees Recognition Awards

Personalized Employees Recognition Awards

Employee recognition awards are a proven method to motive employees. They are usually presented in person during some public forum. That way the presentation becomes an event which the recipient will remember every time they look at the award.

Employees who feel as though they are rewarded for their efforts tend to work harder and better. However, choosing the right items and distributing them in the right manner is essential to making corporate gifts work.

Crystal employee recognition awards are ideal for use in the business world. The crystal awards, large or small, are always striking! You’ve most likely seen one of these beautiful crystal recognition awards in employees’ office sitting in a conspicuous place of honor. Crystal star awards have clear perfections and sparkling reflections that attract attention and say “You’re Special”.

 More thoughtful employee recognition ideas

  1. Organize party to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day and Administrative Professional’s Day.
  2. Plan a surprise family picnic.
  3. Create a Hall of Fame wall with photos of outstanding employees.
  4. Customize employee recognition awards with engraved recognition quotes or poems.
  5. Wite thank you notes with sincere recognition quotes.
  6. Remeber employee’s birthday and send birthday cards to employees’ homes, signed by clean or director.
  7. Plan recognition awards programs.
  8. Having fun events for annual holidays such as Boss’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
  9. Give an employee a blue ribbon for achievement.
  10. Provide a lunch for project teams once they have made interim findings. Express your appreciation.
  11. Send a letter to all team members at the conclusion of a project, thanking them for their participation.
  12. Employee of the Month program
  13. Giving the best performers bonus money is a great way to “pat” hard workers on the back.
  14. Employee recognition pins
  15. Provide them with a good work environment.
  16. Establish a place to display memos, posters, photos and so on, recognizing progress towards goals and thanking individual employees for their help.
  17. Appreciate years of service of employees.
  18. Create schedule chips that can be turned in for the employee to make his work schedule for a week or for the month.
  19. Family fun day.
  20. Healthy cooking
  21. Encourage employees to identify specific areas of interest in job-related skills. Then arrange for them to spend a day with an in-house “expert” to learn more about the topic.
  22. Healthy living.
  23. Fun run and fitness walk.
  24. Ask your boss attend the regular football game with your employees during which you thank individuals and groups for their specific contributions.
  25. Express an interest in employee’s career development goals.