Does Your Girlfriend Enjoy Your Valentines Card?

Christmas Day is long gone, and Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s time to go out and buy valentines gifts for your girlfriend, and maybe those you’ve secretly had a crush on all year. Sorry, if you have enough money to prepare your love gifts for your beloved girl, but you want to give her a unique surprise by some special Valentines Day gift.

Ok, I want to know can you write a romantic love poem for her, or draw a wonderful picture about your lovely girl, write a love story is very great, however you can’t give me exact answer, now I can’t wait for you long, I would like share the information about how make handcrafted Valentines card.


valentines day cards material

Making handcrafted valentines gifts, in my experience, can also add significant brownie points to your presentations of affection—and a very nice element of personal effort. For this project, you will need to gather cardstock or cardboard, pictures, glue stick, paint or markers, and whatever other personal elements you would like to include.



  1. Begin by taking your cardstock or cardboard and cutting it into rectangles about 6 inches long.valentines day cards step
  2. Fold your Valentine card in half until you are left with 3-inch folded cards.
  3. Cutting your cards along the folds until you are left with individual 3-inch cards. (If you want to get even more creative, you can cut your valentine into shapes, like hearts, for instance.)
  4. Placing your pictures and decorations on one side of each of your Valentines card.valentines day cards
  5. On the blank side of your Valentine card, you can write a personal message along with the classic “To:” and “From:” headlines.

Valentines Card Content:

Valentines Quotes & Valentine poems

Do you think this part always play important role in Valentine’s Day card? Yes, you can collect kinds of beautiful love poems, Valentines Day quotes, even the classical Valentines Day movies saying or dialogue.

I like the “love story” lyrics of Taylor Swift, they are clean and beautiful:”We were both young when I first saw you, I close my eyes. And the flashback starts. I am standing there on a balcony in summer air…” just like this you can write your love saying follow the Valentine’s Day lyrics.

You should believe that, your heart beats her waves at the shore of the world and writes upon it her signature in tears with words, “I love thee. She will see and hear your heart.