End of School Year Awards for Teacher

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Then end of school year awards was always awarded to our teacher to recognize and appreciated their hard-working and outstanding teaching level. The end of the school year is often a time of celebration of success and reflection upon a year of hard work. Teacher enjoys this recognition and takes pride in their efforts. We all know that “recognition is not a scare resource. You can’t use it up or run out of it”. But sometimes, the teachers are either bored or excited, depending on whether or not they are receiving an award. If you are the administrator, you are wondering what you could do to make every teacher awards program happier. Here are some uses of school awards that you may or may not have considered already.

Selected Crystal Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Plaque

Teacher Appreciation Plaque
Chances are you already have a perfect teacher appreciation plaque as part of teacher award program, but are really a good reward to have? Every teacher is worth winning our appreciation and recognition for hard-working. This award can help you boost morale and reward those who put in the effort of teaching better, while not ignoring the support of new teacher.

Teacher of the Year Award

The Teacher of the Year Award provides an ideal opportunity to honor an accomplished educator, inspire other teachers in your school or school district, and raise awareness about the importance of teachers. Hold an awards ceremony at a special morning assembly or luncheon during the end of school day to announce the Teacher of the Year will be a memorable way.

Teacher Achievement Award

Teacher Achievement Award

In the rush to celebrate student achievement, it’s easy to forget that teachers need recognition for their own victories. Whether it’s reaching a high class average or receiving an important award, recognized a teacher’s achievement can help ensure that she continues to strive for excellent both inside and classroom.

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