How Do Military Celebrate The Flag Day

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The American flag is one of the most recognized symbols of the world. Americans have historically held a great deal of affection for the flag. One such example of this affection is demonstrated when Flag Day was conceived by George Balch, a New York City kindergarten teacher.

During these times when we have men and women engaged in conflict overseas and around the world preserving our freedom it is important to reflect on any holiday that makes us pause and remember that the freedoms we enjoy and the symbols that go along with that freedom; such as the American flag.

The History of Flag Day

Flag Day was conceived by George Balch, a New York City kindergarten teacher. Balch had planned ideas of observing Flag Day with appropriate activities and ceremonies for the children of his school on June 14, 1889. Later, Balch’s idea was adopted by the State Board of Education of New York.

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Flag Day and Military

Flag Day is a time to honor America and show respect to its flag, and also a appropriate chance to show our appreciation for our women and man engaged in conflict overseas and around the world preserving our freedom.

As a patriotic person and have a real strong feel for the military, Flag Day will be very special time for her/him. Many military communities gave a salute to our country’s military Monday.

How to Celebrate the Flag Day

Flag Day is not an official federal holiday, but people observe it all over the United States every year in different ways.

1. Flying the United States flag is a privilege.

2. Plan a Flag Day ceremony to honor the flag and those who gave their lives defending it.

3. Flag Day Party

With Flag Day in the early summer month of June, it is a great time to hold a barbeque party to let family get together.

4. Flag Day activities

Activities can include crafting patriotic decorations that can be displayed until after Independence Day.

5. Learn about Flag Day

Let more children know Flag Day for it is that Americans take time out every year to reflect upon the symbolic magnanimity and historical significance of one of the most complex and compositely conceived flags in history.

Flag Theme Plaque

More Flag theme plaques for military have been created in various ways. Like this crystal plaque, this is great choice for your military person. A soldier’s prayer, it features a touching design with praying hands subtly placed in front of the American flag.

This design is both a solute and a prayer. With the American flag proudly etched on the back, this patriotic plaque becomes perfect award choice for every military on Flag Day.

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