Salute to Fallen Soldiers on Memorial Day Tour 2011

You will be very proud when you are looking on a group of American Legion members from Danville, Ind. Post 118 perform a 21-gun salute to fallen vets on the group’s annual Memorial Day Tour.

It’s 8:14 a.m., and about 25 people mill around the small country cemetery, pulling weeds and putting flowers on the graves of relatives.

The true significance of Memorial Day and the sacrifices made by the veterans buried in those cemeteries could get lost in the other hoopla surrounding the three-day weekend that marks the start of summer.

Without pause, the melancholy strains of taps begin to spill from a bugle, chasing the fading echoes of gunfire across the rolling farmland. Just like Gilbreath who is a Vietnam War-era vet said that everything we have in America is because of the sacrifices made by veterans. So what we should to do for them, now it’s the least we can do, salute to fallen vets on the group’s annual Memorial Day tour.

Salute to Fallen Vets on Memorial Day Tour 2011

Take a closer look at the American service members who have died in the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and beyond.


Military Prayer PlaqueA Soldier Payer Plaque. The military plaque features a touching design with praying hands subtly placed in front of the American flag. This design is both a solute and a prayer.

Since Memorial Day was moved to become part of a three-day weekend about 40 years ago, the change has undermined the true spirit of the holiday. Most people think about BBQs and swimming pools and races instead of think about the millions of men and women who died serving their country all the way back to the Revolutionary War.

Though, we will remember all the great men and women who sacrifice their lives for our happiness and peace.