Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

The Silver Wedding Anniversary marks the twenty-fifth year of marriage.

25 years is a major milestone in the lives of a married couple, so it is definitely a reason to celebrate. Children and other family members of a married couple often plan parties to celebrate the wedding anniversary. When these parties are planned it is nice to provide 25th wedding anniversary favors and gifts for the guests who have graciously celebrated the special occasion.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Party

Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration Ideas

It is usual to have a family silver wedding anniversary party, this is warming and simple wedding anniversary gift idea such as an afternoon tea, dinner or dance. All members of the original wedding anniversary party who can be reached should be included. Invitations may be sent out by the couple themselves, or by their children.

But you should pay more attention to the detail problems of the anniversary party if you want to hold a wonderful and happy party though it is a simple family party. Here are some thoughts may help you.

  • The first thing you should do is to determine the kind of party you will have that will be suitable for the occasion, as well as for the honored guests.
  • The invited guests should include the family and close friends of the honored couple, as well as those who were a part of their wedding.
  • If a formal invitation is to be sent, it should be printed in silver and sent out three weeks before the date.
  • If the party is to be informal, visiting cards may be used. ‘Silver Wedding’ is written in the corner in ink. Alternatively, guests may be telephoned.
  • Prepare a scrapbook. Communicating through e-mail whenever possible, ask friends and family members to each send a brief memory about an outing, a holiday celebration, a family meal, or any other memento that they may have. Along with the memory, ask guests to send you a photo in which they appear with the couple.
  • Arrange the wrapped gifts as guests arrive. Rather than having the anniversary couple open all of the gifts at once, open them throughout the evening. It can be entertaining to watch.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

The 25th wedding anniversary is considered the silver anniversary. At this time, gifts with a silver color or theme are considered appropriate. There are suitable for any couples, wedding anniversary gift for parents, friends or relatives.

There is a range of wedding anniversary ideas available for gift giving on this day, both homemade and purchased. The happy couple will enjoy receiving fun items, as well as those containing memories of past days.

The personalization is heartwarming and touches people’s lives. It makes the gift last forever. Almost anything can be personalized and given as a gift. There are many different types of traditional engravable gifts available this holiday, the most popular being the silver jewelry.

Personalized silver wedding anniversary jewelry for couples includes bracelets, anklets, pendants, lockets, rings, watches, crosses and more. And the traditional silver plated jewelry is consistently popular from year-to-year.

Jewelry isn’t the only silver wedding anniversary gift idea. Almost anything can be personalized, including picture frames, desk clocks, wine glasses, tankards, key rings and more.

Silver Wedding Anniversary PlaqueWedding Anniversary Plaque Crystal Heart Anniversary Gift

Though the silver-themed gifts are perfect and appropriate, you also customize the crystal 25th wedding anniversary plaque to show your wishes and blessings. You know the crystal is always the symbolization of pure and honest of love. Crystal wedding anniversary plaque is elegant choice forever.