A person may have an idea about himself that will prevent him from doing good work. He may have the idea that he is not actable of it, it is easy to get such an idea even though there is not justification for it, now if you were good employer and want to do something encourage your employee, send them nice employee awards may be the good idea. Most time the corporate gifts may play the role. You should have good corporate gifts ideas about this then you can motive your employee or your members.

A child may think he is stupid because he does not understand how to make the most of his mental faculties, or he may accept another person’s mistaken estimate of his ability, older people may be handicapped by the mistaken belief that they are incapable of learning anything new because of their age.

If your employee has this feature, who believes that he is incapable will not make a real effort, because he feels that it would be useless. He won’t go at a job with the confidence necessary for success, and he won’t work his hardest, even though he may think he is doing so. He therefore is likely to fail, and the failure will strength his belief in his incompetence.

Now he need the timely appreciation and recognize. The crystal employee may give them the confidence.

When we put a small piece of alum into muddy water, we can see the alum can soon make the water clear, if each of us has an attitude of being grateful, they will able to get rid of impulse, upset, dissatisfaction and misfortune. Being grateful can bring us a better and more beautiful life.