The custom of presenting or exchanging corporate gifts has been in existence for a long time. They are a great way of conveying feelings of happiness, appreciation, and pride felt by the presenter.

Gifts can be given on personal as well as formal occasions. There are personalized corporate gifts that can be presented to colleagues, bosses, or business partners on different occasions. They are given for performance recognition, retirement, years of service, new jobs, promotions, corporate events, milestones, or a humble thanksgiving gesture.

It is important send the appropriate corporate gifts to your customers, masters, employees. The personalized corporate gifts always play the necessary role in giving-gift world. So if you want to show your appreciation and recognition from your heart, you should spend some time thinking the personalized corporate gifts ideas.

A Personalized Picture Frame is becoming popular gifts for any occasion; this could be great for special photographs, certificate or awards. Make it personal with special date or name. If you know how to make thank you gifts for your customer that is wonderful. But the important thing is that remember the theme of picture frame. That is ok.

DIY Crystal Corporate Gifts, searching the online trophy store which offers customers a better & informed award buying experience. You can easily relate the generic crystal awards and plaques to your specific recognition need with our extensive online samples.

The recognition award ideas are categorized by recognition occasions as well as professions for easy browsing: employee recognition, years of service celebration, retirement plaques and awards, outstanding sales achievement, etc.

Please pay more attention to the message – employee recognition poems/quotes on the engraved crystal award: recipient’s name, presenter’s name, name of award, reason for award, location, date and any descriptive, miscellaneous or connecting phrases. They can help you show your emotion with great way.


The corporate awards market is one of the most lucrative customer segments in the award industry, especially during the special Christmas Day.

That opinion is echoed through the recognition and identifications industry by both suppliers and retailers. For award dealers, gaining just one or two corporate clients represents great potential for repeat sales and ongoing profits.

Even better, the corporate award market is an area of this industry that is experiencing very positive growth. Therefore you also buy the good corporate award from online store; the is professional online trophy store.

Crystal Corporate Awards

Years of Service Award Employee of the Month Award

Many industry-proven marking methods are still being used to personalize corporate awards; the method of choice largely depends on the product being personalized and the look desired.

Do you know the methods of personalized depend on the material used for awards. For example, sandblasting is excellent for crystal corporate awards to create deep etching and an attractive artistic look for a company logo and the recipient’s name.

Corporate Awards is Tradition

Perhaps more so than other award markets, corporate buyers are traditionalists at heart. They stick with tradition, they prefer plaques and clocks as well as glass and acrylic awards, but the crystal awards always the symbol of clean and noble.

There are tons of great products available in the industry that makes excellent corporate awards. But sometimes, a customer has a more specific idea in mind of what the award should like before the search even begins; in other instances, customers are looking for something different and unique.

Corporate Awards & Service Awards

Sales Achievement Award Plaque Employee Recognition Award

Service is the key to retaining the sales contracts for corporate awards programs, you need to understand the corporate culture and present the products that will attract the decision markets.

The companies that pay attention to employee recognition or motivation buy corporate awards. They are looking for something that will present their corporate image and make recipients feel honored and appreciated. The service awards always play the important role in corporate awards. They should look high value and unique.


If you ask industry experts about the status of the corporate awards market, they’ll tell you it’s strong and growing.

The corporate market continues to thrive while other less established markets tend to be hit a little harder. So that is the reason why choose corporate awards, it is not only the trend, but also is appropriate and meaningful. But why we need corporate awards?

Why We Need Corporate Awards?

Businesses in the corporate sector always need ways to motivate sector always need ways to motivate employees, no matter what the economic climate, and the best way to do that is appreciate your employee’s contribution and service by corporate awards.

Use personalized sales awards, recognition awards, or service awards and more to confirm employees’ work is valued, when employees and their contributions are valued, their satisfaction rises, which in turn tends to lead to increases in individual productivity.

Almost every corporation in America buys recognition awards. Business managers know that pay alone does not ensure satisfied workers. The need for recognition in team building is a well-known strategy to many successful managers.

Crystal Award Trend

Corporate awards buyers look for a variety of essential elements when selecting products and the dealers they buy from, including high quality and premium service. They are looking for something that will present their corporate image and make recipients feel honored and appreciated.

They want to customize awards need to reflect the values of the corporation as well as the level of achievement being recognized- an award that is perceived as cheap will send the wrong message to the recipient and to the rest of the organization.

Therefore the biggest trend we have seen in the industry is that more and more award dealers are looking to crystal as their best option for corporate awards for its high quality, clear perfection and sparkling reflection. High quality crystal has made a major impact and is very popular among corporate customers.

Every piece of crystal awards is hand crafted to its perfection polished to its perfection with exquisite bevels and facets. The award plaques are known for their incredibly clarity, elegant styles and sophisticated workmanship.

Engraved Corporate Awards Ideas

Many industry-proven marking methods corporate awards; the method of choice largely depends on the product being personalized and the look desired. So engraved crystal corporate award is always popular for corporate awards. Especially, the sandblasting is excellent for crystal awards to create deep etching and an attractive artistic look for a company logo and the recipient’s name.

Now, you may wonder what type of crystal corporate award you should consider. Crystal awards with star or globe themes are popular and ideal to recognize top performance and are most appreciated by recipients.

There are also other appropriate crystal awards are suitable for you to show your appreciation and recognition to your staff. I group all of engraved crystal awards and plaques under the following award categories:

1. Crystal Sunflower AwardsCrystal Sunflower Awards – Symbolizing the loyalty and longevity of Sunflowers, are unique “years of service” gifts of radiant warmth.




2.Crystal Flame Award Plaques Crystal Flame Award Plaques – Crystal flame award plaques resembles the shape of flame. Flame awards are ideal for the colleagues or leaders who always ignite the team.



3. Crystal Zenith AwardCrystal Zenith Award – With its multi-faceted crystal tower design, is a popular choice to honor outstanding sales achievements & top performances.



4. Star AwardsStar Awards – Star awards are created for top performers, the employee of the year or the shining star of the organization.



5. Crystal Globe AwardsCrystal Globe Awards – The Crystal Globe Awards, featuring either a detailed crystal globe on the award or an engraved globe on the concaved crystal, are well suited to honor the success of a multinational project, or to recognize the contribution at global scale.


6. Globe Sail AwardsGlobe Sail Awards – Featuring a forward looking sail design, are popular retirement gift choices. Imperial Globe Towers, on the other hand, are great ways to recognize key business milestones and/or unusual accomplishments.



7.Polyhedral Summit award Polyhedral Summit award – Featuring a tapering peak design, showcases the crystal’s light reflecting efforts and is used extensively for Gold/Silver/Bronze award.



8.Crystal Hexagonal Tower Crystal Hexagonal Tower – Offers a consistent and eye-catching hexagonal plane for your personalized message. The award is an excellent choice for employee of the month, teacher of the year and other similar recognition topics.