Years of Service AwardsChoosing appropriate years of service awards for your employee to let them know that they are important to you is important and not easy.

Customize personalized years of service awards/plaques with genuine appreciation wording to confirms employees’ work is valued is great way to boost morale, rise satisfaction, which in turn tends to lead to increase in individual productivity. And employee anniversary is also important milestone that is worth commemorating. But what type of employee service awards should you consider?

The service awards/plaque can be of crystal, wood or metal. Are plastic and metal trophies or wooden plaques really what you want decorating your office? Crystal awards have that clear perfection and sparkling reflection that attracts attention and says “You’re Special”.

The crystal service plaque is an adornment as well as a memento. Those important dates of his/her service engraved on the plaque commemorate his/her contribution to company and the honors that he/she had tried so hard to earn. The personal information and company logo engraved on the employee anniversary plaque is the most touching part of the employee recognition gift. Your employees will surely cherish this service gift and proudly show it to others.

Employee Recognition Awards by Years of Service

Customize employee service award according to years of service is thoughtful and perfect. Special milestones such as 5/10/15/20/25/30-year-anniversary are worth celebrating.

An employee who has given 15 years of service could be given an award like a paid cruise for him and his family. When select years of service awards for your workers, seek something that is appropriately formal and representative of the wonderful job that the worker has done to date.

Gift should become more expensive as years of service increase. A longevity award or we also can say that 30 Years of Service Award is normally given to an employee that has served your organization well for many years.

Categories of Years of Service Awards/Plaques

There are many awards categories you can select to celebrate employee special anniversary. Below are a few types of years of service awards/plaques for you to browse.

  1. Crystal sunflower awards symbolizing the loyalty and longevity of sunflowers, are unique “Years of Service” gifts of radiant warmth.
  2. The precision-cut Crystal Flame Award Plaques resembles the shape of flame. Flame awards are ideal for the colleagues or leaders who always ignite the team.
  3. Crystal Star Awards shines with distinction. Star Awards are created for top performers, the employee of the year or the shining star of the organization.

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