spa day can be one of wonderful Employee Appreciation Day programs ideas to let employees know they are appreciated and respected for their hard work and contributions.

Your employees must be interested in a comfortable spa treatment, if just gives them the time to sleep, eat well, and have a few spa treatment, everyone comes back from this kind of break feeling much better, healthier and more relaxed.

The benefits of spa are not limited to beauty purposes (Your female employees love that), it employs a magical way to reducing stress, soothes muscles and relaxes mind and body, which in turn tends to lead to increases in individual productivity.

Unfortunately for most of us, due to cost, spa treatment are only for special occasions. So you should have thoughtful planning if you had decide to invite employees to visit the spa. Here are some useful suggestions to help you prepare wonderful and economical Employee Appreciation Day Spa:

  1. How many female and male employees in your company?
  2. You should consider the different needs and interests of female and male staffs.
  3. What type of spa treatment will you choose? You know spa has a much wide variety of treatments, such as face treatments, body treatments, massages, hair removal and more. Different spa treatment has different price, you’d better make appropriate choice.
  4. Do you recognize the workplace spa? Nowadays there are kinds of spa service can offer your employees experience right at the office. They bring a spa-like environment directly into the office, by transforming a conference room or an office into a Employee Appreciation Day Spa retreat. Is that ok?

Going to a spa is the ultimate pampering experience, however, it also tends to be expensive, if your budget is not rich but you want to give your employee a comfortable and relaxing Employee Appreciation Day, you can choose to give spa treatment gift to support your employee enjoy the spa at home.

Below are a few thoughtful spa treatment gift ideas for you to a browse:

  1. Spa Gift Baskets – Spa gift baskets are great non-food gift choices. These spa gifts come with bath, body gels, fine lotions, spa towels and slippers.
  2. Flowers Tea – Flowers tea may be favorite of female employees for improves digestion and is known to have an anti-aging effect.
  3. Yoga Mat – Yoga mat may be the most important thing to employee’s practice no matter if you are just starting out or becoming more serious with Yoga.
  4. Scented Candles – Scented Candles have play important role in make the spa treatment atmosphere at home and the fragrance candle can be a focal point in the decor of a particular room.
  5. Meditation Music – Listen to meditation music can have a real calming effect on our mind and keep away stress. It will be perfect that listen it and enjoy spa treatment. Karunesh or Bandari is great choice.
  6. Foot Tub – Foot baths have tiny massaging nodes inside of the bath to soothe feet. And comfortable foot bath can’t lack the appropriate foot tub.
  7. Refresh Fruit Basket – Refresh fruit and appropriate spa treatment are best way to detox that leave you feeling ravenous, fatigued and moody.

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Programs for Employee Appreciation Day can be a huge success, or a major flop.

The first Friday of March is Employee Appreciation Day. It is perfect time to tell your colleagues, co-workers and employees how much you appreciate them and their contribution to the company.

Using thoughtful and creative employee appreciation programs ideas to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day can improve staff performance and company profitability. But how to organize successful Employee Appreciation Day program?

Well-planned employee recognition programs need adequate planning, recognition employees for the employee appreciation programs come in all shapes and sizes. Publicly praising your workers can lead to jealousy, divisiveness, and unproductive flattery in an attempt to undeservedly gain recognition if your employee recognition program is not well-planned.

With this in mind, follow these tips to get your workplace’s recognition off on the right foot.

Tips for Employee Appreciation Day Programs

  1. Appreciate your employees by sharing with them. First and foremost, always make sure your employees know your recognition and appreciation and promote the entire workplace, not one or two individuals.
  2. Creative employee recognition programs need to match the corporate culture.
  3. Praise in public. You’d better announce award recipients at large, company-wide meetings to let employees to know, don’t let it go unnoticed.
  4. Team? Individual? Offering individual, team or department rewards is something to consider.

Effective Programs Ideas Celebrating Employee Appreciation Day

Programs ideas for Employee Appreciation Day should be create and executed by your company. Recognition programs vary widely, and may include a lunch, banquet, snack, cakes, or other munchies, and small recognition gifts. Don’t expect a day off. But your creative and heartwarming action will touch your staffs.

  1. Employee Appreciation Day Off. You can let your employees come to work one hour later or leave work one hour earlier. Or it is perfect that give them a day off of work to allow everyone to attend or you can schedule a day when the business is closed.
  2. Delicious Breakfast. When your employees arrive at work have bagels, cream cheese and butter available for them to eat for breakfast. Your employees will appreciate the gesture as many people run out the door without eating breakfast.
  3. Schedule lunch dates with employees. Give them an opportunity to select the luncheon site, and use the time to simply get to know them better.
  4. Employee Appreciation Day Party. Reward your employees with a party on Employee Appreciation Day is great. The party can be a company outing for recreation, a nice dinner out for employees and their significant others or an in-house party with a catered meal, appreciaiton gifts.
  5. Award Ceremony. Plan an awards ceremony for your employees, with award categories that are similar to what you would see at a real show.
  6. Family Day Picnic. Plan a family day picnic in a park and invite your employees and their family and recognize an employee’s hard work in front of her/his loved ones. Include games and entertainment that would appeal to the kids and have a barbecue.
  7. Create a recognition wall is interesting. In a school, a picture of the teacher is placed on a bulletin board outside the classroom. Follow this, in your office; you could make an event of creating a recognition hallway. Line a hallway with red construction paper, have each employee take a stroll down the red carpet to a point where they can pose and have a picture take.
  8. Employee Appreciation Day Trip. Employee Appreciation Day is on March, and March is great time to trip. I am sure this will be perfect chance to release employee’s pressure and enhance employee’s sense of belonging and have fun together.
  9. Plan a surprise achievement celebration for an employee or group of employees.
  10. Employee Appreciation Day banquet.

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