Having a happy Thanksgiving Day takes a little preparation and planning. Having a happy Thanksgiving can be a lot of fun for your friends and family and enjoy the Thanksgiving Day tradition.

If you have ever make a clear shopping list, if you have ever prepared unique thanksgiving gifts for your friends and relatives, if you have ever knew how to make your thanksgiving day meal elegant, if you have ever collected many kinds fun activities for your kids, than you will have a happy Day.

Thanksgiving Day Shopping

Having a happy Thanksgiving, the important thing that you should make a reasonable shopping list, there are clear categories what you should buy, what you need.

Shopping is no longer exclusive to Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving. Shopaholics have now the opportunity to buy gifts on Thanksgiving as well, we also called them thank you gifts at least in some of the retail stores across the US.

These include the big players, like Walmart Stores Inc., Sears Holdings Corp., Toys “R” Us Inc. and Gap Inc., which will open most of their outlets on Thanksgiving day in an effort to boost profits in the holiday shopping season. In 2010, Black Friday has lost its official status of the first day of holiday shopping.

Thanksgiving Gifts

 Thanksgiving Gifts

Thanksgiving gifts always play the happy role in all the day. Even though Thanksgiving is not a traditional time for exchanging gifts, according to proper etiquette guidelines, you should never greet your host empty handed.

Whether you are staying the entire weekend, coming for dinner or just showing up at the end of the evening to share coffee and dessert, it is appropriate to bring your hosts some small token of your appreciation for their hospitality.

You must have many people they may be your friends or relatives, you may have not right way to show your appreciation and concern, now you should catch this opportunity, your simple but warmly thank you gifts can represent your heart.

Have you ever prepared the thank you parents gifts, thank you pastor gifts thank you teacher gifts etc.

Edible gifts are appropriate any time of the year even during the food-heavy holiday season. Not everyone gives Thanksgiving host gifts, or Thanksgiving gifts in general, therefore the best way to play down a gift is to give something that can be shared, such as food. Whether homemade or purchased from a specialty store, food gifts are always welcome in a crowd.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner is a great time to host a dinner party for your friends and family. This is the happiest and warmest time for everyone. This is a time of the year when people want to gather together, eat good food, share good stories and time, plus watch a Football game or two.

thanksgiving dinner

Yet, many families can’t share this holiday together because of distance. For this reason, if you are planning on hosting a Thanksgiving Dinner, be sure to invite anyone you know who has family far away.

You know if you didn’t have anyone to share this holiday with you would probably feel lonely. These people may, too. Also be sure to invite any older people you know, you may not have close family or friends close.

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner may be challenged. But if you plan ahead, it can be a doable and fun event for all, including the host.

Thanksgiving Activities

Do you know the Macy’s 2010 Thanksgiving Day Parade, yes, wonderful, you can’t miss it. At 9 am Thursday morning the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will begin. This is the second year that the parade will take its new route. The parade will start down Central Park West and end up at 34th street by the department store.

You will enjoy the nice performers include: The cast and Muppets of Sesame Street, Gladys Knight, The Power Rangers Samurai, Miss USA 2010 Rim Fakih, Crystal Shawanda, Joan and Melissa Rivers, Jessica Simpson, and even Kanye West. West is going to perform the song “Lost in the World” during the parade.

As far as major holidays go, Christmas definitely lays claim to the best playlist. Whether you’re a fan of classical music or modern rock, there’s always a holiday-theme song on the radio during the months of December.

Spending the holiday with your significant other? Rather than arguing about whose parents you’ll visit that day, get in the right spirit with “Thank You” by Led Zeppelin.

Thanksgiving is an iconic American holiday and Johnny Cash is an iconic American artist. It’s not the most celebratory tune on the list, but it deserves a spot simply because Johnny Cash makes everything better.



Thanksgiving Day is basically a harvest festival, when we give thanks to God and celebrate with our family and friends. We reunite and have a holiday meal together, enjoying roasted turkeys, pumpkin pie and other special dishes of the day.

We also express our thanks to everyone that help, support, love, and care for us during the year by sending a pretty thank you card, or some selected thank you gifts. Given below are some gift ideas for those who are looking for appropriate gifts for friends, and family. So go ahead to choose a suitable gift and sharing blessing with your family, friends, and ones you love.

It is a day commemorating the first settlers who landed at Plymouth, Massachusetts sometime late 1620. For this reason, it has been an American tradition that every year there is a day to be reminded to give thanks for all the good (and the bad) that happened in each one’s life. Yes! Whether you are feeling up or down-there are so many things why have to be thankful.


Well, it doesn’t have to be because you are 100% germ free or cold free. Maybe you just had an accident or recovering from a serious illness, it is still a reason to be thankful. You should send a thank you gift for the peace year that gives you health and quiet. This is good thank you gifts ideas.


We are who we are because of the people in our lives. Whether we have a good or bad relationship with the people we call family-they play an important role in the shaping of our identity.

As I have always mentioned before, there is no perfect family. It is this very moment that we should stop and reflect how blessed we are that we are part of a family. Orphans have no one to call family. They wait for people to adopt them into their families and make them belong.

Every Bad Thing in Yesterday

This would include problems, discouragement, failures and pain. Everything happens for a reason. But every bad thing had happen yesterday. It is really up to us to look at all the bad things that happened as opportunities for growth, a chance to become a better person.

We take hold of our lives not only the good but the bad experiences as well. At this point when life seems difficult and you do not know where it is leading you, have faith and hang on.

Life gets better in time. Send your thank you gifts to your yesterday, it teach you how to find happiness, help you recognize this world with objective view, told you this is time to grow up, you are not the simple kids any more.

Finally, be thankful for someone up there is in control of our lives. During the lowest point in our life, we are blessed with an inner strength that helps us get through each day, each month and each year.

There might not be a Thanksgiving Day in the Philippines (which is such a shame) but wherever we are, it would be very good to celebrate Thanksgiving Day because there are so much to be thankful for in our lives!