Why appreciating and supporting your spiritual leader matters? How to say thank you to your pastor? Choosing appropriate pastor gifts will be tangible way that we can show appreciation and love for our pastor and his family.

Pastor Gifts Tips

If you are planning to give a thank you gift to your church clergy, you have to make sure that you choose an appropriate gift. You need to know some important tips before you decide to buy anything as a pastor tribute.

  1. Pastors and clergymen are simple people.  They do not want to be given extravagant or materialistic gifts.
  2. How emotionally attached is your congregation to your pastor? The deeper the relationship … the more elaborate your pastoral tribute should be.
  3. Prepare pastor gifts according to pastor’s interests, tastes or hobby.
  4. To do something to help pastor lighten his pressure.

Pastor Appreciation Occasions

October is officially pastor appreciation month. It is a great chance for the congregation to pause and let our priest know that they are valued and appreciated. Besides Pastor Appreciation Month, Pastor Appreciation Day, pastor ordination, anniversary, jubilee, or retirement are also appropriate opportunities to celebrate and show our gratitude and supporting.

Clergy Appreciation Day is also known as Pastor Appreciation Day, or Pastor Appreciation Sunday. It’s usual date of celebration is the second Sunday in October. Some churches, parishes, or congregations may celebrate it at a different time.

Pastor ordination is a joyous time of celebration, full of warm and affection sentiments and adorned with pastor ordination card/letter, pomes or songs. Offer personalization pastor ordination gift ideas for the pastor’s ordination to show your appreciation and support.

The spiritual side of celebrating a Pastor Anniversary should not be viewed as a time to just give the pastor some money and gifts. But rather a time where the congregation as a whole celebrates what God has given them, in the form of a pastor.

Jubilee is an excellent time to express pastor appreciation. Pastor Jubilee gifts, ordination anniversary gift is a tangible way to express your gratitude and genuine appreciation for your pastor’s years of tireless service and spiritual leadership. Now choose the appropriate Jubilee gift for pastor is good way to do that.

While everyone faces questions about retirement, pastors have some unique issues that need to be addressed. Whether your pastor is 30 or 60 years old, now is the time to begin preparing for your pastor’s retirement.

Personalized Pastor Appreciation Gifts Ideas

Pastor Appreciation Ideas for Gifts

  1. Plan a special banquet. Invite a guest speaker and prepare a program that fits the personality of your pastor. A “This Is Your Life” DVD or celebrity-style roast are two of many pastor appreciation ideas you could include.
  2. Creatively communicate words of encouragement to your pastor for his or her service to God and the Church.
  3. Actually listen to your pastor’s sermons.
  4. Listen to the Pastor Appreciation Day Speech and share your points with your pastor.
  5. Team up with your local Christian bookstore or radio station to recognize and honor your pastoral families through activities appropriate to your community.
  6. Send the Pastor Appreciation Day gifts basket includes thoughtful gifts of pastor’s kids and pastor’s wife.
  7. Be aware of the unique needs of the pastor’s children, providing financial help for church children’s camp or church teen camps as well as youth group retreats.
  8. Surprise you pastor and spouse with a cruise or vacation package to special destination you’ve heard them talk about.
  9. Invite them to a dinner or party with your family and friends.
  10. Don’t forget prepare annual Christmas and Thanksgiving gifts for pastor and his family.



Thanksgiving Day is also wonderful time to convey our warm, heartfelt messages to pastor we love and appreciate the most.

Thanksgiving Day is on Thursday, November 24, 2011. As it means, Thanksgiving Day is the best day to say “Thank You” to those who help us, guide us, especially to our priest. Then, how can you convey our gratitude to church member? A Thanksgiving Day gift is necessary.

Role of Gifts and Cards

Thanksgiving gifts and cards are the best medium to convey your message of thanks and love. Through card messages, you can convey your emotions and thoughts. It is an expression of your concern for those who have blessed you and thank folks for all they have down through the year.

Gifts for Pastor

A large range of thanksgiving gift items is available for pastor. A large range of thanksgiving gift items is available for pastor. Show your appreciation for priest with a gift basket is perfect. Consider selecting a theme, like sweets, cheese and crackers or fruits and vegetables.

Gifts for Pastor’s Kids

Buying a gift for pastor’s beloved kids a great idea you have taken today. It is true that every parent wants to see their kid a master mind in their life. So you could buy useful Thanksgiving gifts to them and that helps pastor’s kids in their day-to-day life and education.

  • Thanksgiving has a great story, so share it with kids with a Thanksgiving themed book is smart.
  • For younger kids aged 4 to 8, a collection of Thanksgiving Day crafts will be a big hit.
  • Thanksgiving is all about the food, so why not break out some really fun turkey-day treats that include candied apples, peanut brittle and chocolates
  • If you are parent willing to develop the creativity and concentration of your kid then Kids Sudoku Puzzles is the best option to choose Thanksgiving Day.
  • Gift your kids a watch. Whatever age from toddler to teens, you could easily pick a watch and gift them Thanksgiving Day.

Gifts for Pastor’s Wife

Though flowers may seem trite, there’s a reason why giving flowers to pastor’s wife on Thanksgiving Day is popular. Like flowers, being a priest’s wife is a beautiful thing, and beautiful things definitely deserve each other’s company.

Provide decorative fall home decor items in a Thanksgiving gift basket will be thoughtful. Your minister’s wife will be interested in the small pumpkins, yellow gourds and miniature corncobs in your elegant Thanksgiving basket.

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Don’t miss the Pastor Appreciation Month to express recognition and encouragement to our youth pastor. This appreciation month is also good time to encourage youth minister work harder to point youth toward God and help them become involved in the Great Commission.

A youth minister is a member of the clergy who works with young people and ministers especially to their needs regarding their faith. Encourage the young priest in Pastor Appreciation Month to strive for their goals by offering motivational and meaningful gifts. Use creativity and knowledge of the youth pastor’s lifestyle and job to select an appropriate motivational tribute.

Customized Crystal Plaque/Award

It is personalized that motivate the youth preacher in your life with a customized crystal plaque/award. Resembling the shape of a bible, designing the praying hands on the left symbolizes youth pastor’s devotion and commitment to the young people. There is ample space to express your personal appreciation on the right side.

Thoughtful Youth Pastor Care Package

Prepare thoughtful care package to show your appreciation for your youth minister is perfect, there are a number of different things that you might choose to put in it.

  • Gift Card – A gift card to an online music shop or a local bookstore can encourage him to use his gift on something leisurely.
  • Entertainment Gift Certificates – A gift certificate to a movie theater or a nice restaurant can be a wonderful way to get your youth minister out of the house and allow her to enjoy herself.
  • Cookie Dough – If you know that your youth minister has a sweet tooth, give her cookie dough in a jar.
  • Thank You Card with your appreciation poem.
  • Thank You Youth Pastor Letter.
  • CD with your own appreciation songs.

Books Help Inspire Youth Pastor

Books can help inspire youth pastor for the purpose of youth ministry is to help teens grow spiritually in Christ and to give them the skills they need to serve God by helping others in need through various outreach methods. So, choose appropriate books for youth priest will be meaningful.

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Thank you poems are a perfect and romantic way to say thank you to your loved ones, frineds, teachers, pastors and more.

And unique thank you poems will highlight your appreciation cards. But many people choose to send a thank you gift instead when they want to say thank you but if you want to make it more personalized, the appreciation should also include a thank you verse to make known your sincere appreciation.

This article offers a few thank you poems for you to browse:

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Pastors provide invaluable services to us. They are there for life’s greatest moments, responsible for joining us together in holy matrimony and baptizing our infants and small children.

They are pillars of strength and support during life’s difficult moments. They provide spiritual guidance to keep us afloat as we navigate these treacherous waters called life.

So how would a pastor like you to show appreciation? And how to show your appreciation from your heart, pastor appreciation gifts are necessary, pastor ordination gifts, pastor retirement gifts always play important roles in your life.

Pastor Anniversary Gift

Pastor Anniversary Gift

You can show your appreciation on Pastor Anniversary Month. October is Clergy Appreciation Month, making it an ideal time to hold a Pastor Appreciation Day at your church. Instead of purchasing expensive gifts, gather your congregants to make special and meaningful crafts for your pastor.

Encourage people to express their personal appreciation for their pastor artfully by creating appreciation gifts that your pastor can cherish for many years to come.

Members should bring any photos they have that include the pastor, write letters to the pastor and create original artwork expressing gratitude for all that the pastor does.

Hang a picture of the pastor and his family in the center of a bulletin board and put blank cards and markers on a nearby table. Invite church members to create their own handmade cards with drawings, scripture verses and personal notes.

Create a church-wide photo book to give your pastor. Collect or take photos the month before Pastor Appreciation Day of random members of the church. Found out what your pastor really likes such as coffee, golf or Tabasco sauce.

Pastor Ordination Gifts

Pastor Ordination Gift

Ordination is one of the greatest experiences in the life of a clergy. It is a day to remember God’s calling and to look forward to serving God’s people.

Many people like to give gifts to their clergy to help make the day special. Clergy play a unique role in the life of the church, therefore one wants to give a unique pastor ordination gifts.

A stole is a meaningful gift, in traditions where the clergy regularly wear liturgical clothing such as robes or albs, sometime you can also choose the artwork, Prayer Beads, and Labyrinth tiles have long been used within Christianity as a means of focusing one’s attention upon God. There are nice choices for your pastor. You can’t miss them.

Pastor Retirement Gifts

Pastor Retirement Gifts

Whatever your budget is, you can give your pastor a retirement gift that will demonstrate how much you appreciate his guidance in your life. His retirement is a special occasion for him and his religious community. Giving your minister a retirement gift is an appropriate and thoughtful gesture for his years of service.

A scrapbook is a great way to commemorate your pastor’s involvement with the church and can incorporate the pastor’s family and the church community.

So let it as your first choice. If you want to provide entertainment for the pastor after retirement by the movie, that is also good pastor retirement gifts. Planting a tree, sending a book or other meaningful things also can help your pastor enjoy his retired life.