This was so lovely and beautiful puppy, though it is not pink, Marry know nobody can seek the pink dog just her image, there is pink chocolate roll around puppy’s neck strap, Marry can’t keep herself, so wonderful chocolate roll, shining color and mellow and full engraved.

Fernando will be great chocolate designer; this is perfect Christmas Gift in Marry’s life. Marry store the chocolate into her box with great care.


He can’t find the pink puppy what Marry want, but Fernando would like design the pink chocolate roll for it, Fernando hopes Marry can see the words from his heart on the chocolate, but they are so small and elaborate that it is not easy to see clearly, nervous, excited are filled his mind.

Fernando hopes Marry will say something about these words then he can understand her heart. Three months gone, this was good season that the great earth makes she hospitable with the help of the grass.

The trees come up to Fernando’s window like the yearning voice of the dumb earth, Marry keeps her nice habit that chatting with Fernando at every dulcet twight.

About chocolate, family, hometown, friendship, natural, poem, joke, fairy tale etc. or sometime talk nothing, just see the tall Gothic windows glinted in the afternoon sun, Fernando told Marry “You smiled and talked to me of nothing and I felt that for this I had been waiting long.

“But he can’t told her” I have dipped the vessel of my heart into this silent hour; it has filled with love, I love You, Marry”.


Thank you God to let me meet Fernando, how wonderful when we talk about something each other, but I don’t understand his melancholy in blue eyes, I want to replace them with happy shine. Maybe he can’t have feeling of happy and warm when he and me together. He never feel my love, doesn’t it?

love gift-rose chocolate


My boss would like subsidize me to learn advanced engraved skill from Germany. It is excited but dejected, I can learn more to improve my engraved skill, then I can engraved the dream chocolate with rose shape what Marry want.

But I can’t image what life without Marry, her smile was the flowers of my own fields, her talk was the rustle of my own mountain pines, he eat something without any appetite, he can’t enjoy sweet dream any more.

Marry told me with bright smile” I will love the man who can send me a chocolate with rose shape, for he knows me, he knows I love rose very much, he knows me, I love the sweet fragrance from chocolate”

So, Fernando told himself, let my thoughts come to Marry, when I am gone, like the afterglow of sunset at the margin of stay silence.

A year later

There is white envelope and letter on the table, handwriting is clean but ice-cold, Fernando still engraved his rose chocolate thought it is so perfect that need not any modify, the tear as ice-cold as handwriting fall into chocolate, first one, then another one, more and more.

My Marry seek the puppy who missed its way in the evening with fearsome storm, nobody can stop her, just her reply” Please keep the last thing about Fernando” we should prevented her, we should prevented her, Fernando, we should prevented her.


Thou hast led me through my crowed travels of the day to my evening’s loneliness.

I wait for its meaning through the stillness of the night,

I know I love you, love your blue eyes with sun shining shine.

I know my love all the time

Know the chocolate is the embodiment of love

But I can’t understand the sorrow in your eyes

Sorrow is hushed into peace in my heart like the evening among the silent tress.

I know

The best does not come alone

It comes with the company of the all

Wait for you and your rose chocolate


love gift-rose chocolate

Fernando read it again and again ,then put the letter down on the table, give Marketing Department a call that use the new slogan “Show your love timely” for the new chocolate with rose shape. Then all the employees think this will be most popular valentine day gift in morning-Valentine Day.

The snow like the white butterfly dance around her with red coat, white scarf, her golden and frizzy hair is shining, she smiled and talked to me of nothing and I felt that for this I had been waiting long.


Chocolate is one of the most popular holiday gifts. On Valentine’s Day, a box of chocolates is traditional, usually presented with flowers and a greeting card. Who is the first man to send the chocolate as valentine day gift for his lover? Now let’s share this romantic but poignant love story of chocolate.


Fernando holds Mary’s hand with faint quaver, Mary’s big eyes is shining bright and warm smile, she knows what words Fernando will told her. She said with melting, Fernando, I believe you, try to do your best and tell me your achievement at first time, please!

The snow seems the naught spirit around them, dance, sing, and cry, a soft kiss like snow drops in Mary’s eyelash, Goodbye, Mary! Wait for my news, please!

Goodbye, Fernando, I promise you and take good care of our dog!

Yes, now see you later! (But Fernando never know this is their last Goodbye)

Fernando falls in love Mary at first time, there was big snow on Valentine Day.


This was Valentine Day as exciting as New Year; this is good time for all young lovers. Snow bring the romantic color to all the day, Mary wants to buy something from the new store of the street corner, so she wore the red coat with white border, white scarf enfold her long, curly golden hair. The wind was so strong that blew her white, but the snow was so beautiful that she was attracted.


This was Fernando’s first Valentine Day in Paris without friends, relatives, even lover. He is chocolate designer, yes, young and unknown chocolate designer, many people can’t receive chocolate as the love gifts with not sweet even bitter and countrified appearance, there is few customers come here, the new store on street corner.

See the crowd, see the snow, Fernando miss his home, see the snow, see the memory, he see a girl makes her way through the crowd with red coat, white scarf, just like beautiful red bird, she see the snow, they seem the white butterfly dance around her, there is little but clean smile flow her sweet mouth, then say hello to Fernando.

Fernando can’t reply her timely, little did he know, he loves the girl at his first sight; he knows he can’t forgot this image forever.


Fernando is interesting man, it seems he likes think something, he always can’t hear my words clearly, but I really like him very much, I love his blue eyes with blue melancholy while see the fly snow when I first saw him.

There is something magic attract she to go to new store at dusk. May be the great aroma of chocolate, may be the interesting story of Fernando’s hometown, may be the wonderful time see Fernando design the chocolate, this is happy and warm season for Mary with sweet fragrance.


Fernando can engraved chocolate to many kinds includes shape, round, square, heart-shaped ect. For Mary told him more people would like the shaped chocolate rather than the common one. Young boy will choose the heart-shaped chocolate with nice pack for his loved girlfriend.

This is great suggestion for the new store, more and more people would like choose kinds of chocolate from here, Fernando always send the most beautiful and biggest chocolate to Mary, but she refused and said that never to do that, they are used to cash. Fernando felt regret, he real wants to show his appreciation and love by something.

The day before Christmas, Mary told Fernando that she will give the Oliver Twist to you if you can send me a little pink dog as Christmas gift. Christmas is a time of spreading good cheer. This is great saying for Fernando, he is so happy that forget where he can look for the pink dog.

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