Write your own retirement poems to celebrate your teacher retirement to show your appreciation, love and best blessings will be perfect and romantic gift ideas.

At their retirement, after a long career shaping the minds and hearts of hundreds or even thousands of students. You can’t imagine the conflicting feelings you must be experiencing as you consider the end of your teacher’s career.

Our teachers spend all of their time giving out and reaching out, in order to help the students succeed, and rarely think about themselves. Now, retirement will be appropriate time to rest and enjoy more time with her/his family. So it is great time be worth celebrating.

Congratulations on Your Retirement

Author Unknown

Retirement is a time
For feeling glad to be alive,
A time when friendships blossom
And enthusiasms thrive.
A chance to do the special things
You always wished you could.
Retirement is a special time
For knowing…life is good.
Congratulations on your

Teacher Retirement Plaque with Engraving 'Teacher Appreciation'I like this poem while I saw it at first time at my friend’s house, she is good preschool teacher and received the personalized teacher appreciation plaque with engraving “Teacher Appreciation” from her students to celebrate her retirement. She told me with sunshine smile that she was overwhelmed by the stunning beauty of the crystal as well as moved by the sincere “Teacher Appreciation” on the plaque.

This is a big and sparkling “Thank You” and round of applause for a job well done, the crystal book makes a unique thank you teacher gift. The ample personalization space gives plenty of room for the “Teacher Appreciation” poem.

Teacher Appreciation


With a special gift for learning
And with a heart that deeply cares,
You add a lot of love
To everything you share,
And even though you mean a lot,
You’ll never know how much,
For you helped to change the world
Through every life you touched.
You sparked the creativity
In the students whom you taught,
And helped them strive for goals
That could not be bought,
You are such a special teacher
That no words can truly tell
However much you’re valued
For the work you do so well.
Thank you so much for being
So very nice, kind and good;
I like you so much, (Miss Giles)
I’d stay here if I could
I always loved your class;
Your teaching helped me see,
That to have a full and happy life,
Learning is the key.

Teacher impacted our lives. Their words can stay with us for years. They taught with passion, helping shape the live of their students. We can’t forget our teacher modeled and taught good character and respect for one another how to focus on strengths, not weaknesses, and how to encourage each other…

I’ll Remember You Always

Joanna Fuchs

Rarely does someone
get to influence a person’s life
in a positive way
for a lifetime,
as a teacher can,
fostering optimism and confidence,
providing knowledge that leads to success,
and being a good role model,
as you have,
and you are,
and you will…
I’ll remember you always.
Thank you.

Retirement is a mixture of sadness and joy but it doesn’t have to be a sad farewell. So it will be interesting and meaningful to write a inspirational poem to tell your retired teacher you will miss and love him/her forever and wish to he/she has happy retirement life.

As You Retire

Joanna Fuchs

As you retire,
know that we will miss you.
Every day, we will feel a gap,
an empty space in our lives
that used to be filled
with the pleasure of seeing you.
As you retire,
look back on your major accomplishment:
the lives you touched, influenced,
and improved forever.
As you retire,
know how important you are to everyone,
a gem, a unique treasure
that we could never replace.
As you retire,
be fulfilled, be happy, be at peace;
you deserve it.

Article Source: http://www.teacher-gifts.org/teacher-retirement-poems


There are different occasions you can use to show your appreciation and love to your teachers, not only the Teacher Appreciation MonthTeacher Appreciation Week or the highlight of the teacher appreciation week - Teacher Appreciation Day.

Appropriate occasions, right teacher appreciation gifts ideas, you should know more about teacher gifts , learn more teachers’ interest, hobby and favorite. Then you can know what kinds gifts you should choose.

Appropriate Occasion – Valentine’s Day

Creative and unique teacher gifts ideas are popular principle forever, you may also think the Valentine’s Day just for Lovers, you are wrong, this is also good time to show your special love to your teacher, the chocolate and flower is ok as valentine’s day gift for teacher, but different Valentine’s Day gifts have different means, sometime you should know more.

All the May will be filled up with happiness, blessing, gratitude etc. Although the whole teacher appreciation week is one of festivities in the honor of teaching, Teacher Appreciation Day is the highlight of the week. There are a range of good gifts ideas for you, many students learn more during prepare teacher gifts.

Appropriate Occasion – Thanksgiving Day

Remember that your teacher would like enjoy Thanksgiving Day with a nice gifts. Simple gifts always mean more. Thank you card, thank you letter with your own appreciation teacher poem, they are great. The important thing is you can help teacher enjoy the tradition of Thanksgiving Day without more hard work. Don’t forget teacher’s family.

Appropriate Occasion – Christmas

When Christmas time approaches, you must would like enjoy this festival with kinds Christmas gifts, your teacher is no exception, sometime they also seem the children who are waiting for the surprised Christmas gifts in the Christmas tree or the chimney.

Appropriate Occasion – Birthday

I can’t say the Birthday Gift is indispensable to one’s birthday, but this is filled with regret and depressed, let your sincere birthday gift send warm and surprised to them while they may mostly forget their birthday for the hard work. This is special and personal occasion for teacher, your gifts ideas should be unique and thoughtful:

Birthday Party - A wonderful part are based on your friendly relation between you and teacher’s family, not need more money, not allow the extravagance and waste. At the end of party show your gifts is good.

Birthday Picnic - This can be unique gifts from all class, every student can devote their smart to this picnic, where, when, need what, how to get there etc.

Homemade Birthday Gifts - The better is receive many kinds homemade gifts from every student, even their parents, no matter what they are birthday cards with teacher appreciation poem, or the personalized T-shirt, nature gifts, picture or book etc.

If you know a teacher who’s getting married, you might want to get him or her a gift. Wedding gift ideas for a teacher don’t necessarily have to be different than for someone in another profession. Here are some gifts ideas with appropriate way:

  1. Crystal Gifts
  2. Jewelry Box
  3. Art Print
  4. Bracelets
  5. Perfumes
  6. Snowflake Necklaces

Appropriate Occasion – Anniversary

Maybe, your teacher’s 15th anniversary is the time you have to say goodbye to him/her, now this teacher anniversary gifts are more important and memorial meaning. You can choose something help remember something, especially the photo albums.

Appropriate Occasion – Retirement

When teachers retire, they are not simple ending a career, they’re ending a lifetime of meaningful relationships and actions that have shaped the futures of our young people. It is not different from your graduation. This is important and unforgettable time. Retirement gifts play special role in teacher’s retirement life. Our teacher may can not acclimatize themselves to this retired life. You should help them:

- Retirement Plan - No matter what they are, it is good time to enjoy life, travel, and ask their dream come back. Need clear retirement plan.

Retirement Party - Use your crafting abilities to create a memory scrapbook.

- Handwritten Card - Many teachers feel that they are not appreciated for all they hard work that they do. A handwritten card from a student telling them how much they are appreciated is something many teachers treasure for years. To make this teacher retirement gift even more special, a student can add a picture of themselves in the card.

Article Source: http://www.teacher-gifts.org/teacher-gifts-ideas-for-appropriate-occasion


If you love to be crafty parent, so make a thank you teacher gift with your kid is meaningful and interesting, and your kid’s teacher can’t refuse your personalized appreciation craft to highlight the Teacher Appreciation Day.

Personalization is heartwarming and touches teacher’s lives. It makes the gift last forever.

This article share some appropriate teacher appreciation crafts ideas with parents and kids according to teacher’s interests or needs, and you’ll come up with a great craft ideas, said many and share each other.

Personalized Teacher Appreciation Day Crafts Ideas from Kids’ Parents

Sincere recognition and appreciation from students’ parents will be great gift for every teacher, and the personalized crafts by students’ parents’ hands to highlight Teacher Appreciation Day, welcome back to school or celebrate retirement is wonderful.

Teacher Awards

Customize a teacher appreciation award online become a popular token of appreciation to some, but you may think it doesn’t make by hands of kids’ parents, no, nowadays, there are online trophy store offers DIY service that you can design your own award/plaque with unique logo, appreciation wording. Below are three teacher appreciation awards/plaques ideas for your reference:

1. Teacher Appreciation Plaque A big “Thank You” and round of applause for a job well done, the Crystal Book makes a unique thank you teacher gift. The ample personalization space gives you plenty of room for a personal thank you note.


2. Teacher Appreciation PlaqueThe Teacher Appreciation Plaque is accented beautifully by the classic scroll design in the background. The plaque offers you ample personalization space to express your appreciation to that special teacher.


3. Teacher Appreciation PlaqueWith an eye catching “Thank You!” on top and personalized thank you quotes from the class, the Crystal plaque is an excellent class gift of choice and serves the purpose of acknowledging and recognizing best teachers.


Exquisite Decorations Ideas for Teacher

You know teachers spend all of their time giving out and reaching out, in order to help the students succeed, and rarely think about themselves, not to mention that spend time decorating their house, but comfortable decorations will help teacher has good rest.

So prepare some exquisite decorations for teacher is thoughtful.

1. If you know the ikebana that is Japanese art in flower arrangement that shows the relationship of sky, earth, and man. Perfect, every one can’t refuse beautiful and sweet flower to highlight house. Don’t forget to tie a thank you teacher card.

2. Scented candles are used today for a variety of reasons, from simply adding a luxurious fragrance to people’s home or as a focal point in the decor of a particular room. You can also make your own scented candles, the creative parts of this candle-making project (choosing the perfect crayon to color the wax and decorating the glass holder with beads) are meant for kids.

3. How wonderful that grow a windowsill garden year-round for teacher, plant a different seed every month to bring color year-round, presence of green plants at home or office not only adds beauty to the surroundings but also can have a positive impact on teacher’s lifestyle and thought process.

Creative Teacher Appreciation Day Crafts Ideas for Kids to Make

Most kids love crafts because they are fun and artistic. Teach younger kids to use paper, crayons, soaps, putty, play dough, stickers, photos, toys, etc to express their own appreciation and love for their teachers is meaningful and interesting.

Preschool crafts must be easy to complete, safe for children, and tie into the appreciation lesson or theme. Here are a few of my all-time favorites that kids can make for teacher appreciation, many of which can be paired nicely with a gift card for say, a book on tape, a car wash, or bread from a yummy bakery.

  1. Make a special bookmark for teacher who is avid reader.
  2. Use buttons to make interesting things.
  3. Let a wreath symbolize the circle of friendship and love.
  4. Write a teacher appreciation message and throw it into a bottle.
  5. Painting eggs with smile face.
  6. Kids can customize beautiful beaded rings with their favorite beads.
  7. Bowling Boys
  8. Handprint/footprint thank you cards.
  9. Colorful containers.
  10. In just a few easy steps, your child can turn an old pair of jeans into a couple of magnetic pen and pencil holders that mount easily in a school locker.
  11. Turn colorful magazine photos into vibrant paper butterflies.
  12. Brighten teacher’s home with a touch of spring: a bouquet of easy-to-care-for paper lilies.
  13. Make a backyard bird feeder for your teacher.
  14. Create a bright, verdant cottage from kitchen sponges and grass seed.
  15. Kite is simple and quick to make, this small, sharp-looking kite is a fun way to welcome spring.

Article Source: http://www.teacher-gifts.org/teacher-appreciation-crafts-ideas


Many people would like use music express their heart about love, appreciation, blessing etc. Singing a teacher appreciation song for your teacher is also unique teacher gifts idea. Do you think so? This special teacher appreciation gifts be filled up with art and warm.

So let’s collect many teacher songs with different styles you may need one day when you want to write something on your thank you teacher cards or letter.

You Have Made a DifferenceYou Have Made a Difference

This song is for those who inspire us today
Who always lend a helping hand
to help show us the way
This song is for those who see their students through
The tough times in their lives
for that, we say thank you
You have made a difference
You have shaped our minds…


Heart of TeacherHeart of Teacher

The child arrives like a mystery box…
with puzzle pieces inside
some of the pieces are broken or missing…
and others just seem to hide
But the HEART of a teacher can sort them out…
and help the child to see
the potential for greatness he has within…
a picture of what he can be
Her goal isn’t just to teach knowledge…
by filling the box with more parts


Teacher InspirationalTeacher Inspirational

If a doctor, lawyer,
or dentist had 40 people in his office
at one time…
all of whom
had different needs…
and some of whom
didn’t want to be
there and were
causing trouble…
and the doctor,
lawyer, or dentist,


The Gifts - Teacher's DayThe Gift

When you light this candle
To guide you through the night,
Remember how you guided me
To make my future bright.
When you plant this seed
And nurture it to grow,


Those Who Touch Our LivesThose Who Touch Our Lives

Every special person who touches our life
leaves their own unique mark on our heart,
A mark which can never be chiseled away
even if the years eventually pull us apart.
We can take on their expressions and
such the more we share of ourselves together.


Article Resource:


Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around. ~ Helen Peters

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it. Therefore, how important the teacher appreciation is!

Teacher appreciation is a vital part of life of kids and kids’ parents.

Teachers come to work every day and teach their students to the best of their abilities. They impact child’s lives, their words can stay with kids for years, they live to not only teach the curriculum, but “inspire” and to “motivate” their students to reach their full potential. They teach with passion, helping shape the live of their students.

That’s why we should appreciate our teacher, and teacher appreciation is so important. So your teacher deserves appreciation year round, not only just celebrate the Teacher Appreciation Week, any time is the right: Teacher Appreciation Dayend of school yearback to school or retirement.

And your thank you gifts should not be personal, expensive, or elaborate. Rather, just make a simple gesture to say, “Thank You.” The best teacher appreciation gift is from your heart.

Teacher Appreciation Ideas

  1. Make a teacher appreciation craft to highlight teacher’s desk.
  2. Give a homemade thank you card.
  3. Write a teacher appreciation poem.
  4. Customize personalized teacher appreciation award/plaque with engraving thank you teacher wording.
  5. Write a thank you letter for teacher to show your love and gratitude.
  6. Pray for teacher and his/her family.
  7. Organize kinds of activities to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week such as plan partypicnic, trip, etc.
  8. Put together a video/DVD of kids and kids’ parents sharing their love and appreciation for the teacher and his/her family.
  9. Give your kids’ teacher and his/her family a bouquet of home-grown flowers.
  10. Plant a tree in honor of teacher with your kids.
  11. Assign each small group in classroom a specific week to serve as the teacher appreciation team. Let them come up with creative ways to appreciate their teacher that week.
  12. Create a photo album of classroom activities and students, as well as quotes of appreciation.
  13. Plan a special banquet to honor teacher.
  14. Investigate the needs of teacher. If he/she is having financial difficulties.
  15. Help them with gardening. Our teacher cannot pay more attention to their gardening, spend a few time doing their gardening and teaching them gardening knowledge.
  16. Take out an ad in the local newspaper to thank the teachers in your school or district.
  17. Create an event page on Facebook to spread the word about your Teacher Appreciation Day.
  18. Send out a press release thanking the teachers at your school, highlighting why teachers are so important to our children, and advertising your teacher appreciation activities.
  19. Pay for dinner and a show for the teacher couple…provide babysitting if necessary.
  20. Invite teacher enjoys SPA night.
  21. Help female teacher design new hair style.
  22. Introducing appropriate cosmetic is suitable for her/his skin.
  23. Flowers for her dining room table.
  24. Hold a pie auction and use the proceeds to send the teacher on a trip.
  25. Hire a cleaning service for 2-3 hours.
  26. Make your own cookies for teacher.
  27. Sing a teacher appreciation song.
  28. Collect beautiful decorations to highlight classroom.
  29. Celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.
  30. Host a special breakfast or lunch for your school’s teachers and staff.

Article Source: http://www.teacher-gifts.org/teacher-appreciation-ideas