There are different occasions you can use to show your appreciation and love to your teachers, not only the teacher appreciation month, week or the highlight of the teacher appreciation week – teacher appreciation day.

Appropriate occasions, right teacher appreciation gifts ideas, you should know more about teacher gifts, learn more teachers’ interest, hobby and favorite. Then you can know what kinds gifts you should choose.

Creative and unique teacher gifts ideas are popular principle forever, you may also think the Valentine’s Day just for Lovers, you are wrong, this is also good time to show your special love to your teacher, the chocolate and flower is ok as valentine’s day gift for teacher, but different valentine’s day gifts have different means, sometime you should know more.

All the May will be filled up with happiness, blessing, gratitude etc. Although the whole teacher appreciation week is one of festivities in the honor of teaching, teacher appreciation day is the highlight of the week. There are a range of good gifts ideas for you, many students learn more during prepare teacher gifts.

Remember that your teacher would like enjoy Thanksgiving Day with a nice gifts. Simple gifts always mean more. Thank you card, thank you letter with your own appreciation teacher poem, they are great. The important thing is you can help teacher enjoy the tradition of Thanksgiving Day without more hard work. Don’t forget teacher’s family that is very warm prepares little thank you gifts for:

When Christmas time approaches, you must would like enjoy this festival with kinds Christmas gifts, your teacher is no exception, sometime they also seem the children who are waiting for the surprised Christmas gifts in the Christmas tree or the chimney.

I can’t say the Birthday Gift is indispensable to one’s birthday, but this is filled with regret and depressed, let your sincere birthday gift send warm and surprised to them while they may mostly forget their birthday for the hard work. This is special and personal occasion for teacher, your gifts ideas should be unique and thoughtful:

  • Birthday Part- A wonderful part are based on your friendly relation between you and teacher’s family, not need more money, not allow the extravagance and waste. At the end of party show your gifts is good.
  • Birthday Picnic – This can be unique gifts from all class, every student can devote their smart to this picnic, where, when, need what, how to get there etc.
  • Homemade Birthday Gifts – The better is receiving many kinds of homemade gifts from every student, even their parents, no matter what they are birthday cards with teacher appreciation poem, or the personalized T-shirt, nature gifts, picture or book etc.

If you know a teacher who’s getting married, you might want to choose appropriate wedding-themed gift for him/her. Wedding gift ideas for a teacher don’t necessarily have to be different than for someone in another profession. Here are some gifts ideas with appropriate way:

  1. Crystal Gifts
  2. Jewelry Box
  3. Art Print
  4. Bracelets
  5. Perfumes
  6. Snowflake Necklaces

Maybe, your teacher’s 15 anniversary is the time you have to say goodbye to him/her, now this teacher anniversary gifts are more important and memorial meaning. You can choose something help remember something, especially the photo albums.

When teachers retire, they are not simple ending a career, they’re ending a lifetime of meaningful relationships and actions that have shaped the futures of our young people. It is not different from your graduation. This is important and unforgettable time. Retirement gifts play special role in teacher’s retirement life. Our teacher can’t acclimatize themselves to this retired life. You should help them:

  • Retirement Plan – No matter what they are, it is good time to enjoy life, travel, and ask their dream come back. Need clear retirement plan.
  • Memories – Use your crafting abilities to create a memory scrapbook.
  • Handwritten Card – Many teachers feel that they are not appreciated for all they hard work that they do. A handwritten card from a student telling them how much they are appreciated is something many teachers treasure for years. To make this teacher retirement gift even more special, a student can add a picture of themselves in the card.

Read more teacher gifts ideas for some other occasions:


I always look forward to May - Teacher Appreciation Month.

It is perfect time to show my teacher how much I appreciate the time and patience he or she spends on teaching I new things about the world, about life, about yourself and much more.

How to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Month?

Teacher appreciation month is the month of May in the United States. Some schools recognize the entire month as a time to honor teachers, while others prefer to designate a specific teacher appreciation day or week.

When is Teacher Appreciation Week? Teacher Appreciation Week is a weeklong celebration in the United States observed the first full week in May. Teacher Appreciation Week begins Monday, May 7, 2012, and ends Friday, May 11, 2012. And Teacher Appreciation Day is the Tuesday that falls during Teacher Appreciation Week.

While school principals are charged with planning and coordinating the week’s activitiesparents, community members and students play active roles in making the week a success. Do you have good teacher appreciation ideas for this planning to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week?

There is a range of choice for your thank you teacher gifts ideas. You can encourage your child sing the thank you teacher song for teacher, the unique teacher appreciation gift from parents is great and happy. Teacher appreciation letter is simple but useful for student etc.

Talk about the teacher appreciation letter I would like introduces some good teacher appreciation quotes for you.

While simply but meaningful behaving or appreciation activities in class may suffice as a personalized teacher gifts. Do you have creative teacher appreciation activities ideas? Below are a few activities ideas for you to browse.

Teacher Appreciation Month Gifts Ideas

There are a thousand ways you can to choose the appropriate thank you teacher gifts, and telling your little kid to put an apple on her algebra teacher’s desk isn’t the worst. Most time, simple gift always means more. There is a range of nice choice for you, generally there are styles you should pay attention to them, here’s the list:

  1. Arrange for people to watch the teacher’s children during Teacher Appreciation Week so he/she and his/her wife/husband can go out on a the Teacher Appreciation Day
  2. Put together a video/DVD of kids and kids’ parents sharing their love and appreciation for the teacher and his/her family.
  3. Give your kids’ teacher and his/her family a bouquet of home-grown flowers.
  4. Pray for teacher.
  5. Plant a tree in honor of teacher with your kids.
  6. Assign each small group in classroom a specific week to serve as the teacher appreciation team. Let them come up with creative ways to appreciate their teacher that week.
  7. Create a photo album of classroom activities and students, as well as quotes of appreciation.
  8. Customize a personalized crystal teacher appreciation plaque.
  9. Plan Teacher Appreciation Day picnic.
  10. Write a letter of appreciation for teacher.
  11. Plan a special banquet to honor teacher.
  12. Investigate the needs of teacher. If he is having financial difficulties.
  13. Help them with gardening. Our teacher cannot pay more attention to their gardening, spend a few time doing their gardening and teaching them gardening knowledge.
  14. Ask local businesses to each adopt a teacher for the week and display students’ drawings, cards, and stories about that teacher in a store window.
  15. Take out an ad in the local newspaper to thank the teachers in your school or district.
  16. Create an event page on Facebook to spread the word about your Teacher Appreciation Day.
  17. Send out a press release thanking the teachers at your school, highlighting why teachers are so important to our children, and advertising your teacher appreciation activities.
  18. Pay for dinner and a show for the teacher couple…provide babysitting if necessary.
  19. Invite teacher enjoys SPA night.
  20. Help female teacher design new hair style.
  21. Introducing appropriate cosmetic is suitable for her/his skin.
  22. Choosing good books related children’s education or beautiful, entertainment, travel etc.
  23. Flowers for her dining room table.
  24. Hold a pie auction and use the proceeds to send the teacher on a trip.
  25. Hire a cleaning service for 2-3 hours.

Convey Greeting to Teacher’s Family

Teacher Appreciation Month is also appropriate time to say “Thank You” to teacher’s family. Thank you for teacher’s hard work, thank you for the great support of teacher’s family.

Teacher, is great but not easy job, they can’t stop education work while children left the class, left school. Teacher’s life be filled up with educational work, they can’t win the good harvest if teacher’s family can’t understand their work, don’t show them support and concern.

There are many things and people need our grateful. We should also prepare the teacher’s family appreciation gifts including:

  1. Teacher’s Husband gifts – Sending this gifts to help teacher’s husband know more about the hard work but outstanding recognition of his wife.
  2. Teacher’s Wife gifts – As female, she may feels unhappy for his husband has not enough time to company with her. Choose appropriate gifts enrich her life.
  3. Teacher’s Parents gifts – Our teacher can’t spend more time visit their parents, try our best to company them at our part time. Ask the lonely leave their life.
  4. Teacher’s Kids gifts – Most time, most teachers, pay more attention to their students not their kids, this is harm for their health, please take care of their kids.

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Valentine’s Day is not only time to show love to your loved one, but special opportunity to express students’ appreciation and love for their teachers.

Whether you choose flowers, chocolates or something more personal, a small gift on February 14th is enough to show your Valentine that you are thinking about them and that you appreciate them for who they are.

Furthermore, it is perfect opportunity to let your teacher know just how much you care – What’s different about other holidays such as Teacher Appreciation Day, back to school or end of school year, you’d better make your teacher Valentines Day gifts ideas to be more romantic and creative as possible as you can.

Most children want to give chocolates on Valentine’s Day to their teachers. If this is the case, a group effort would be best. One this takes pressure off of the other moms to have to get a gift.

Each child can contribute to the overall gift. That being said one of the best candy Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers is a box of Godiva Chocolates. Imagine the look on the teachers face when there are not twenty little heart shape boxes of two or three hard candies to deal with.

You can encourage your kids make fun and unique homemade teacher gifts, it is never too early or too late to work on homemade gifts for teacher, children must have kinds gifts ideas, as parents just guide them. Here are some fun homemade Valentine Day gifts ideas for teacher.

Creative ID Badge

Creative ID BadgeMake a unique Valentines ID Badge with your simple appreciation wording is creative, your teacher will be interested in it and wearing it, go shopping, seeing a movie, visit his/her friends and tell them that it is his/her Valentines Day present from student. That’s wonderful, believe me. If you don’t know how to make this unique ID badge, please click here.

Homemade Flower-Inspired Pens

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

Treat a teacher to whimsical flower-inspired pens she can display on her desk and use throughout the day. Hold the flower next to the pen and clip the flower stem so it is about 2-inches up from the tip of the pen.

While holding the flower stem tightly against the pen, wrap the entire length of the pen with floral tape. This will secure the pen and flower together. With the floral tape you do not need tape or glue! I am sure chosen the rose will be perfect.

Unique Valentines Classroom Decoration

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

A whirligig is a simple craft a teacher can hang in her classroom. Make one by unraveling a paper towel roll and painting each side a different color, then decorating it with glitter, stamps, etc. Make a hole in the top to thread ribbon through for hanging.

Crystal Heart Valentine GiftCrystal Heart Valentine Gift

Customize a crystal heart online with engraved appreciation and love messages/poems for kid’s teacher is elegant and sparkling. Online trophy store offers the crystal heart radiates with charm along the beveled edges.

Heart-Shaped Cookies

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

No one can resist handmade cookies, so treat your child’s teacher to festive baked goods on Valentine’s Day. Create heart-shaped sugar cookies using a cutter. Prior to baking the cookies, insert wooden dowels into the bottom of them.

Decorate the cookies with red and pink frosting, along with candy pieces such as conversation hearts. Use icing to write “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “#1 Teacher” on the frosted cookies.

Place clear cellophane baggies around each cookie and secure them with red ribbon bows. Line a small glass vase with red or pink tissue paper and fill it with the cookies and flowers, forming an edible bouquet.

Love Fruit

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

As parents, you are so in love your kid’s preschool teacher, it is not funny. She really does deserve a juicy apple on her desk. When it was Christmas, we can make this for her, but sometime you may think that the Valentine’s Day is not Christmas. You know this is also good time to show your appreciation. So prepare your own juicy apple.

A Valentine’s gift for a teacher should not be personal, expensive, or elaborate. Rather, just make a simple gesture to say, “Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”