Valentine Day Gift for Dad

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It is important to recognize all your loved ones on Valentine’s Day, and Dad is no exception. Although Valentine’s Day will not be a romantic holiday with your father, it can be a great opportunity to show how much you care about him. Great gifts for Dad are fairly simple to create as long as you plan in advance.

Personalized Photo Tabletop Canvas Art for Dad

 Personalized Photo Tabletop Canvas Art for Dad

If your kids ask what they can make for Daddy for Valentine’s Day, you may already have enough supplies on hand to let them choose from among several options. Help them make the personalized photo tabletop canvas is perfect. Take a precious photo and your heartfelt sentiments and turn it into an amazing, you can teach your kids choose one of poems, or write their own set against a photo backdrop, along with any title before the verse and any two line ending sentiment. This will be unique valentine day gift for dad.



Dad’s Hobby – Distiller

Valentine Day Gift for Dad- Dad's Hobby - Distiller

This distiller uses the same principles of alchemy developed 1,100 years ago by Alkindus, renowned as the “father of perfume distillation.” So choose the Alkindus Distiller as the valentine day gift for your father is great and appropriate. Buy dad gifts he can use while enjoying his hobby is practical, you also think dad will be interested in the unique distiller, serving as encouragement to think of his child each time he uses it, that is wonderful.



Buy a Book

Valentine Day Gift for Dad-Buy A Book

Not any book, but the perfect book that shows you really care, if you father is a book lover, go to book store and look for a signed first edition from his favorite author.

Even if he’s not the literary type, you can still find a book that says more than “hey, I found this in the discount aisle,” but that really shows your interest. Think “Intro to Italian,” “Magic for Dads,” “Planning a trip to Alaska.” Subjects that are of interest or possible interest, or stir a plan for the two of you for the future.




Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Mom

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Even if you’ve already found your own Valentine, Mom still deserves some recognition on this special day.

Take some time when choosing the perfect Valentine Day gift for her. Put some thought into what she really loves and get a little creative. Even though you know she’ll love whatever you give her, put your heart into finding just the right Valentine’s Day present.

Employee Recognition Award

This is cute Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for our mom. It is a fun way to give some hand lotion or hand sanitizer. You may be always looking for inexpensive but warm thank you mom gifts to give to our dear mom.

I decide to make this fun and useful craft, I think I would just go for grocery bags to make it even more economical. Some other messages could be “I’d like to hand it to you!” or the old shaker sentiment, “Hands to work, heart to God.” OK! It is easy and cute little craft, you mom will be interested in your own Valentine’s Day gift.


Pampering Gifts

Pampering Gifts

Any mom will love special pampering gifts on Valentine’s Day. Bath items, her favorite candy or a trip to a spa for a mani-pedi and a new hair style are sure to please. You could pay for a month’s worth of maid service to give her a break, or buy tickets to a concert or play she’s been wanted to see.

Pamper her with a massage, a manicure, or a pedicure. Remember, too, that these gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money. Instead of spending $50 on a spa certificate, you can pick up all of the supplies you’ll need at a local dollar store. Taking the time and effort to pamper her yourself if quite an act of love.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new moms

Valtentine’s Day gift ideas for new moms

It is New Year as she is a new mum. Wow! Boy, new dad, you better make this a great valentines gifts! It is important above all to ensure the new mom is made to feel super special, and above all appreciated! Think practical, for her, but don’t rule out the baby.

First, treat her to a weekend away. Second, choose the high quality and comfortable cozy nursing Nightwear to ensure her and baby feel snug and indulged during those small hour feeds.

Then, you should show your appreciation and love often from your heart, and spend more time chatting with your wife; you know some new mom could felt not very good for a range of change. No matter what they are physically or mentally.


Valentine’s Day is not only time to show love to your loved one, but special opportunity to express students’ appreciation and love for their teachers.

Whether you choose flowers, chocolates or something more personal, a small gift on February 14th is enough to show your Valentine that you are thinking about them and that you appreciate them for who they are.

Furthermore, it is perfect opportunity to let your teacher know just how much you care – What’s different about other holidays such as Teacher Appreciation Day, back to school or end of school year, you’d better make your teacher Valentines Day gifts ideas to be more romantic and creative as possible as you can.

Most children want to give chocolates on Valentine’s Day to their teachers. If this is the case, a group effort would be best. One this takes pressure off of the other moms to have to get a gift.

Each child can contribute to the overall gift. That being said one of the best candy Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers is a box of Godiva Chocolates. Imagine the look on the teachers face when there are not twenty little heart shape boxes of two or three hard candies to deal with.

You can encourage your kids make fun and unique homemade teacher gifts, it is never too early or too late to work on homemade gifts for teacher, children must have kinds gifts ideas, as parents just guide them. Here are some fun homemade Valentine Day gifts ideas for teacher.

Creative ID Badge

Creative ID BadgeMake a unique Valentines ID Badge with your simple appreciation wording is creative, your teacher will be interested in it and wearing it, go shopping, seeing a movie, visit his/her friends and tell them that it is his/her Valentines Day present from student. That’s wonderful, believe me. If you don’t know how to make this unique ID badge, please click here.

Homemade Flower-Inspired Pens

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

Treat a teacher to whimsical flower-inspired pens she can display on her desk and use throughout the day. Hold the flower next to the pen and clip the flower stem so it is about 2-inches up from the tip of the pen.

While holding the flower stem tightly against the pen, wrap the entire length of the pen with floral tape. This will secure the pen and flower together. With the floral tape you do not need tape or glue! I am sure chosen the rose will be perfect.

Unique Valentines Classroom Decoration

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

A whirligig is a simple craft a teacher can hang in her classroom. Make one by unraveling a paper towel roll and painting each side a different color, then decorating it with glitter, stamps, etc. Make a hole in the top to thread ribbon through for hanging.

Crystal Heart Valentine GiftCrystal Heart Valentine Gift

Customize a crystal heart online with engraved appreciation and love messages/poems for kid’s teacher is elegant and sparkling. Online trophy store offers the crystal heart radiates with charm along the beveled edges.

Heart-Shaped Cookies

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

No one can resist handmade cookies, so treat your child’s teacher to festive baked goods on Valentine’s Day. Create heart-shaped sugar cookies using a cutter. Prior to baking the cookies, insert wooden dowels into the bottom of them.

Decorate the cookies with red and pink frosting, along with candy pieces such as conversation hearts. Use icing to write “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “#1 Teacher” on the frosted cookies.

Place clear cellophane baggies around each cookie and secure them with red ribbon bows. Line a small glass vase with red or pink tissue paper and fill it with the cookies and flowers, forming an edible bouquet.

Love Fruit

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

As parents, you are so in love your kid’s preschool teacher, it is not funny. She really does deserve a juicy apple on her desk. When it was Christmas, we can make this for her, but sometime you may think that the Valentine’s Day is not Christmas. You know this is also good time to show your appreciation. So prepare your own juicy apple.

A Valentine’s gift for a teacher should not be personal, expensive, or elaborate. Rather, just make a simple gesture to say, “Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”


The traditions of Valentine’s Day are broad and many. It is a time to exchange cards or small gifts. Roses and chocolates were the most commonly exchanged Valentine’s Day Gifts and were usually given by man to the women.

But some traditional Valentines Day gifts such as love picture frame, crystal heart Valentine gift, Valentines Day letter, Valentines Day cards and more are classical but still popular and never out. Insist with the times and absorb fashionable element depend on creating their own style are mainly reason to keep their steady gift-giving market. They are worth choosing to highlight special Valentines Day 2012.

Love Picture Frame

picture frameA lot of people like to receive these love gifts. However, they have not long life in our romantic life though you would like say that they had left deep impression upon my heart though they have gone. It is perfect if you can let them live in the chic picture frame, you will enjoy another happiness.

Make your DIY love picture frame is not difficult, just follow these tips belowing:

  1. Choose the shape. You should determine the desired picture frame dimensions. Remember to use the mat, not the picture, as a guide to determine the finished dimensions.
  2. There is no need to use expensive material, the wood picture frame is great and easy to make.
  3. Choose your picture you want to add this frame, please make good choice or you can’t put out it from the finishing frame that will be not smart action.

Crystal Heart Valentine Gift

Crystal Heart Valentine GiftCrystal gift is popular and beautiful for its clear perfection and sparkling reflection. It is also the symbol of pure love and good relationship. So you can’t miss customize crystal heart Valentine gift with engraved love wording/quotes/poems to show your heart.

Customize this gift online is convenient and popular, online trophy store will offers many kinds of crystal love plaque samples for your reference, your lover must be interested in the heart-shaped crystal gift with charm the beveled edges, brilliantly cut and hand polished to perfection. [Click here to see more samples of Crystal Valentines Gifts]

Valentines Day Letter

Valentines Day LetterThere is no need to spend a wallet full of money for Valentines Day. The best gift is heartfelt, which is why a love letter is a perfect item as traditional gift idea to give your loved one. Nothing is more romantic and heartwarming to feel the sweet love flowing in the words line with your own unique handwriting than read paper letter.

Surprise her/him this year with your words, love poems. Romantic and creative Valentine’s Day 2012 need them.

Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day CardsYou may think the Valentines Day cards are so common that can’t help express your big love and appreciation. Wrong, a Valentine’s gift for your lover should not be personal, expensive, or elaborate. Rather, just make a simple gesture to say, “Thank you, My lover. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Your sincere love words from your heart highlight common holiday cards. The best heartwarming and sweet is open the card and smail while read these love words.