Valentine’s Day in US

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular festivals in United States of America. This day is considered as a day to honor the great St. Valentine.

February 14th, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and lovers

People express their love and gratitude towards their beloved on this day. This is not considered just as a lover’s day in US but a day in which one can express his gratitude to histeachersmomdad, spousegirlfriend or anybody whom you love.

History and Traditions of Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is said to have imported to North America in the 19th century by British settlers. The roots of Valentine’s Day goes back to ancient times, when people paid honor to the Roman God of Fertility.

In the second half of the 20th century, the practice of giving gifts along with cards became popular. The traditions of Valentine’s Day are broad and many. It is a time to exchange cards or small gifts. Roses and chocolates were the most commonly exchanged Valentine’s Day Gifts and were usually given by man to the women.


  1. Valentine’s Day festival has been commercialized to a great extent in US. It is estimated that Valentine’s Day is the major card and gift giving festival in US. Days before the festival markets wear a festive look to lure consumers.
  2. The youngsters enjoy the day with new gift ideas such as love map, photo story albums, Love T-ShirtLover ID Badge, Musical CDs, DVDs, High-Fi mobile phones. Valentine’s Day dinner and dance parties take place all over America to celebrate the occasion.
  3. Even if candle light dinner is an old Valentine’s idea, people religiously follows it till today. Many couples arrange private celebrations in homes and restaurant by hiring a local DJ. Many schools organize children’s programs on Valentine’s Day where children can prove their talent by participating in the fun games and competitions.
  4. Customize crystal heart Valentine gift with engraved love quotes/poems is trend nowadays.
  5. Children also make flower bouquets and gift baskets for their friends and teachers on that day.
  6. People living in different cities exchange the valentine greetings with e-cards and gifts which available through online Valentine’s Day shopping sites.
  7. Write Valentines Day letter is classical but popular ideas. Email letter is convenient but it is specil sweet feeling while receive the paper letter with your own handwriting.

Traditional Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas for Your Lover

But some traditional Valentines Day gifts such as love picture frame, crystal heart Valentine gift, Valentines Day letter, Valentines Day cards and more are classical but still popular and never out. Insist with the times and absorb fashionable element depend on creating their own style are mainly reason to keep their steady gift-giving market. They are worth choosing to highlight special Valentines Day 2012.

  1. Love Picture Frame – Your love gifts have not long life in our romantic life though you would like say they had left deep impression upon your heart though they gone. It is perfect if you can let them live in the chic picture frame, your lover will enjoy another happiness.
  2. Crystal Heart Valentine Gift – Crystal gift is popular and beautiful for its clear perfection and sparkling reflection. It is also the symbol of pure love and good relationship. So you can’t miss customize crystal heart Valentine gift with engraved love wording/quotes/poems to show your heart.
  3. Valentines Day Letter
  4. Valentines Day Cards

A grandmother is a special person who deserves the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts. She has graciously given her love and time to you and your family members since the day you were born.

If you’re looking for some unique love gift idea for grandma that are meaningful and will bring her joy, then try a few of the below thoughtful gift ideas:

1. Valentine’s Breakfast

When a grandmother cooks for her grandchild, the menu usually includes just the child’s favorite dishes. On Valentine’s Day.

There is nothing a grandmother would enjoy more than spending quality time with her grandchild, please invite your grandmother to enjoy your own breakfast, the valentine’s breakfast, then you will have warm and wonderful time. It is good way to say thank you for all the times she baked you special cookies or treats.

2. Smart Night Lights

What’s thoughtful gift for grandma? Pay more attention to your grandma’s health. Falling is a serious matter when it happens to a senior.

Bones become brittle, break easily and heal slowly. Motion detector lights aren’t just for outdoor use; they can safely light the way when Grandma gets up in the middle of the night, greatly reducing the likelihood of tripping and falling.

3. Family Photo

If it has been a while since you gave your grandmother a current photograph of you or your children, consider a family portrait for Grandma this Valentine’s Day.

When selecting a frame for the photograph, look for one that is heart-shaped. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, such as crystal or sterling silver. Some can be personalized with engraving.

4. Wind Spinners

Wind spinners are a great gift idea because they come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and themes and are mesmerizing in the wind. Good quality wind spinners will survive harsh weather if made of stainless steel which does not rust. Taking care of stainless steel wind spinners is a breeze because there is simply no maintenance.

The most work mom or grandma will have to do is move her wind spinner to a different location if she desires.

These beautiful lawn ornaments as thank you gift can be hung from brackets, hook stands, the ceiling of a porch, some deck railings, outside the front door, and for smaller ones in the window, the rearview mirror of your car, or on the Christmas tree. They make great lawn ornaments for the garden or yard.

5. Homemade Valentine’s Gifts

Give grandma a homemade valentine’s gift is very useful, there is nothing a grandmother would collect your kinds homemade gifts, no matter they are valentine’s gifts, birthday day gifts, Christmas Day gifts etc. All of us have a talent or handcraft of some form, know more about grandma’s hobby, interest, dreaming. Then prepare the homemade gift be filled up with grandma’s feeling.

6. Crystal Gifts

You may think the crystal gifts are not suit for grandma, but you know crystal always portray clean love. You can design the crystal as the hearts with your thank you quote.

The personalize the crystal by adding an engraved inscription, the inscription might be a few words summarizing your feelings for your grandmother, or perhaps a pet name you have for her.


You must want to give surprise your brother on this is beautiful valentines day with special Valentine’s Day Gift that he can truly appreciate. Knowing your brother’s interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes will come in handy when choosing his special gift.

Special to your brother may be homemade gifts that represent his most memorable childhood or adult events. While it’s the thought that counts, putting in extra time and effort can make the gift more special.

Art Print

Valentine Day Gifts for Brother

Look this lovely art print, follow your brother, the little girl doesn’t know when to stop and neither should you! Show your love one how much you care with this adorable print, this girl may be you when you were young, send this art print for your dear brother tell him there is beautiful thing left your heart forever when you were young.



Poem for My Brother

Valentine Day Gifts for Brother

Write your own poem about your brother, that makes a special valentine day gift for him, you can personalize these brother poems by adding your own special title to the brother poem.

I remember a time in youth

Brothers, best friends, together always.

Fishing, and baseball, – oh those were the days.

I remember, together as teens

The fighting and arguing and all in between

The laughing and joking till tears filled our eyes.

I remember those times each day I wake

Not understanding God’s choice in who to take

A brother, a father a good man to all.

I remember our last time together

Sitting and talking well into the night

Together, your sickness we vowed to fight.

I remember you asking, ‘ Jer are you sure’

Looking at you, our eyes filled with tears

‘ Jack you’re my brother, – my blood is yours ‘.

I remember them saying the transplant went well

Kissing you goodbye I went on my way

I am fine you said, no need to stay.

Buy tickets to sporting events, Broadway plays, amusement parks or concerts, depending on his taste.


Valentine Day Gifts for Brother

If your little man loves to read, then a big brother book could help him adjust to the new surroundings.

“I’m a Big Brother” by Joanna Cole gives a sibling’s view of all the new issues to come with a new baby, such as changing diapers and snuggling. You may be reading your what to Expect book again — “What to Expect When Mommy is Having a Baby” by Heidi Murkoff is another book highly suggested by other moms.


Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Mom

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Even if you’ve already found your own Valentine, Mom still deserves some recognition on this special day.

Take some time when choosing the perfect Valentine Day gift for her. Put some thought into what she really loves and get a little creative. Even though you know she’ll love whatever you give her, put your heart into finding just the right Valentine’s Day present.

Employee Recognition Award

This is cute Valentine’s Day gifts ideas for our mom. It is a fun way to give some hand lotion or hand sanitizer. You may be always looking for inexpensive but warm thank you mom gifts to give to our dear mom.

I decide to make this fun and useful craft, I think I would just go for grocery bags to make it even more economical. Some other messages could be “I’d like to hand it to you!” or the old shaker sentiment, “Hands to work, heart to God.” OK! It is easy and cute little craft, you mom will be interested in your own Valentine’s Day gift.


Pampering Gifts

Pampering Gifts

Any mom will love special pampering gifts on Valentine’s Day. Bath items, her favorite candy or a trip to a spa for a mani-pedi and a new hair style are sure to please. You could pay for a month’s worth of maid service to give her a break, or buy tickets to a concert or play she’s been wanted to see.

Pamper her with a massage, a manicure, or a pedicure. Remember, too, that these gifts don’t have to cost a lot of money. Instead of spending $50 on a spa certificate, you can pick up all of the supplies you’ll need at a local dollar store. Taking the time and effort to pamper her yourself if quite an act of love.

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new moms

Valtentine’s Day gift ideas for new moms

It is New Year as she is a new mum. Wow! Boy, new dad, you better make this a great valentines gifts! It is important above all to ensure the new mom is made to feel super special, and above all appreciated! Think practical, for her, but don’t rule out the baby.

First, treat her to a weekend away. Second, choose the high quality and comfortable cozy nursing Nightwear to ensure her and baby feel snug and indulged during those small hour feeds.

Then, you should show your appreciation and love often from your heart, and spend more time chatting with your wife; you know some new mom could felt not very good for a range of change. No matter what they are physically or mentally.


Valentine’s Day is not only time to show love to your loved one, but special opportunity to express students’ appreciation and love for their teachers.

Whether you choose flowers, chocolates or something more personal, a small gift on February 14th is enough to show your Valentine that you are thinking about them and that you appreciate them for who they are.

Furthermore, it is perfect opportunity to let your teacher know just how much you care – What’s different about other holidays such as Teacher Appreciation Day, back to school or end of school year, you’d better make your teacher Valentines Day gifts ideas to be more romantic and creative as possible as you can.

Most children want to give chocolates on Valentine’s Day to their teachers. If this is the case, a group effort would be best. One this takes pressure off of the other moms to have to get a gift.

Each child can contribute to the overall gift. That being said one of the best candy Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers is a box of Godiva Chocolates. Imagine the look on the teachers face when there are not twenty little heart shape boxes of two or three hard candies to deal with.

You can encourage your kids make fun and unique homemade teacher gifts, it is never too early or too late to work on homemade gifts for teacher, children must have kinds gifts ideas, as parents just guide them. Here are some fun homemade Valentine Day gifts ideas for teacher.

Creative ID Badge

Creative ID BadgeMake a unique Valentines ID Badge with your simple appreciation wording is creative, your teacher will be interested in it and wearing it, go shopping, seeing a movie, visit his/her friends and tell them that it is his/her Valentines Day present from student. That’s wonderful, believe me. If you don’t know how to make this unique ID badge, please click here.

Homemade Flower-Inspired Pens

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

Treat a teacher to whimsical flower-inspired pens she can display on her desk and use throughout the day. Hold the flower next to the pen and clip the flower stem so it is about 2-inches up from the tip of the pen.

While holding the flower stem tightly against the pen, wrap the entire length of the pen with floral tape. This will secure the pen and flower together. With the floral tape you do not need tape or glue! I am sure chosen the rose will be perfect.

Unique Valentines Classroom Decoration

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

A whirligig is a simple craft a teacher can hang in her classroom. Make one by unraveling a paper towel roll and painting each side a different color, then decorating it with glitter, stamps, etc. Make a hole in the top to thread ribbon through for hanging.

Crystal Heart Valentine GiftCrystal Heart Valentine Gift

Customize a crystal heart online with engraved appreciation and love messages/poems for kid’s teacher is elegant and sparkling. Online trophy store offers the crystal heart radiates with charm along the beveled edges.

Heart-Shaped Cookies

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

No one can resist handmade cookies, so treat your child’s teacher to festive baked goods on Valentine’s Day. Create heart-shaped sugar cookies using a cutter. Prior to baking the cookies, insert wooden dowels into the bottom of them.

Decorate the cookies with red and pink frosting, along with candy pieces such as conversation hearts. Use icing to write “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “#1 Teacher” on the frosted cookies.

Place clear cellophane baggies around each cookie and secure them with red ribbon bows. Line a small glass vase with red or pink tissue paper and fill it with the cookies and flowers, forming an edible bouquet.

Love Fruit

Valentine Day Gifts Ideas for Teacher

As parents, you are so in love your kid’s preschool teacher, it is not funny. She really does deserve a juicy apple on her desk. When it was Christmas, we can make this for her, but sometime you may think that the Valentine’s Day is not Christmas. You know this is also good time to show your appreciation. So prepare your own juicy apple.

A Valentine’s gift for a teacher should not be personal, expensive, or elaborate. Rather, just make a simple gesture to say, “Thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day.”