Chinese Valentine’s Day

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The Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. Chinese people also called it Qixi Festival.


Young girls traditionally demonstrate their domestic arts, especially melon carving, on this day and make wishes for a good husband. There is an beautiful love story behind this day about the 7th daughter of Emperor of Heaven and a kind heart orphaned cowherd.

The Emperor played spoilsport and separated both of them. The 7th daughter was forced to move to the star called Vega and the cowherd moved to the star named Altair. They are allowed to meet only once a year on the 7th day of 7th lunar month.

Qi xi originated from Han Dynasty. It came from people’s worship on stars. On Qi Xi, a festoon is placed in the yard and the single or newly married women in the household make an offering to Niulang and Zhinü consisting of fruit, flowers, tea, and facial powder (makeup).

After finishing the offering, half of the facial powder is thrown on the roof and the other half divided among the young women of the household. It is believed that by doing this, the women are bound in beauty with Zhinü.

How to Celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day

Chinese Valentine's Day

Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated a bit differently and there is another special holiday called White Valentine’s Day. On the seventh day of the seventh month of the Lunar calendar the Chinese celebrate Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Traditional Celebrations

There are quite a good number of traditions associated with Chinese Valentines Day.

* Rather than getting China flower delivery, they visit the temple of the Matchmaker they pray for their love to be everlasting and some pray for the hope to find love.

* Young girls offer fruit to the weaving maiden, asking for good skills in the art of weaving.

* There is yet another tradition of decorating the oxen horns with beautiful flowers.

* Women thoroughly wash their hair to give it a shiny and glowing look.

* The old people of China will also ask you to stand under a grapevine. Then you can hear what Zhi Nu and Niu Lang are conversing to each other.


  1. This day of love is now celebrated in a similar fashion to Valentines Day. It is a day of flowers, marriage, romance and gifts such as rings.
  2. This is the romantic day of the year when young girls and boys visit the Vega star together and get one wish form the Vega star.
  3. It is also popular that the lovers go to the temple of Matchmaker and pray for the success of their love and the possible marriage.
  4. Fly the Love Heart Sky lanterns to pray for love.
  5. Flowers are a universal gift across occasions and are a perfect expression for emotions.
  6. Write wish message in bottle and hung it in the wishing tree.
  7. Girls and boys dress to their finery to impress each other.
  8. Send flowers to China from the top China flowers shop, send white chocolate, marshmallows or jewelry.
  9. Newlyweds plant trees in a desert during a mass wedding ceremony in Yinchuan.
  10. Newlyweds in traditional costumes attend a mass wedding ceremony.

Romantic Chinese Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas

Heart of Love Paperweight – Cutomize crystal heart of love paperweight will a unique way of letting your loved one know your true feelings, your pure love bird will surely treasure this personalized Heart of Love crystal paperweight.

Elegant Valentine’s Day Crafts Themed Mandarin Duck – Mandarin duck, also called love birds or yuan yang in Chinese, Mandarin duck, also called love birds or yuan yang in Chinese. Mandarin duck has been regarded as the symbol of eternal love since ancient times as the love and relationship of them have been valued highly by Chinese. so there are kinds of elegant crafts themed Yuan yang with different size, color, background.

Love T-Shirt – You may want to buy this love’s clothes for your each other and share the romantic valentine day with the make-up T-shirt, but have you ever think that will be meaningful that give your loved one your own DIY T-shirt with love design.

Lover ID Badge – Everyone is wearing an identification badge… name badges and security badges just to name a few. Badge are everywhere and it will be interesting you were wore the lovers’ ID badge, go shopping, seeing a movie, visit your friends etc. Hence, you can make your own lovers’ badge.



A grandmother is a special person who deserves the perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts. She has graciously given her love and time to you and your family members since the day you were born.

If you’re looking for some unique love gift idea for grandma that are meaningful and will bring her joy, then try a few of the below thoughtful gift ideas:

1. Valentine’s Breakfast

When a grandmother cooks for her grandchild, the menu usually includes just the child’s favorite dishes. On Valentine’s Day.

There is nothing a grandmother would enjoy more than spending quality time with her grandchild, please invite your grandmother to enjoy your own breakfast, the valentine’s breakfast, then you will have warm and wonderful time. It is good way to say thank you for all the times she baked you special cookies or treats.

2. Smart Night Lights

What’s thoughtful gift for grandma? Pay more attention to your grandma’s health. Falling is a serious matter when it happens to a senior.

Bones become brittle, break easily and heal slowly. Motion detector lights aren’t just for outdoor use; they can safely light the way when Grandma gets up in the middle of the night, greatly reducing the likelihood of tripping and falling.

3. Family Photo

If it has been a while since you gave your grandmother a current photograph of you or your children, consider a family portrait for Grandma this Valentine’s Day.

When selecting a frame for the photograph, look for one that is heart-shaped. They are available in a variety of styles and sizes, such as crystal or sterling silver. Some can be personalized with engraving.

4. Wind Spinners

Wind spinners are a great gift idea because they come in many different colors, shapes, sizes and themes and are mesmerizing in the wind. Good quality wind spinners will survive harsh weather if made of stainless steel which does not rust. Taking care of stainless steel wind spinners is a breeze because there is simply no maintenance.

The most work mom or grandma will have to do is move her wind spinner to a different location if she desires.

These beautiful lawn ornaments as thank you gift can be hung from brackets, hook stands, the ceiling of a porch, some deck railings, outside the front door, and for smaller ones in the window, the rearview mirror of your car, or on the Christmas tree. They make great lawn ornaments for the garden or yard.

5. Homemade Valentine’s Gifts

Give grandma a homemade valentine’s gift is very useful, there is nothing a grandmother would collect your kinds homemade gifts, no matter they are valentine’s gifts, birthday day gifts, Christmas Day gifts etc. All of us have a talent or handcraft of some form, know more about grandma’s hobby, interest, dreaming. Then prepare the homemade gift be filled up with grandma’s feeling.

6. Crystal Gifts

You may think the crystal gifts are not suit for grandma, but you know crystal always portray clean love. You can design the crystal as the hearts with your thank you quote.

The personalize the crystal by adding an engraved inscription, the inscription might be a few words summarizing your feelings for your grandmother, or perhaps a pet name you have for her.


Valentine Day Gifts Meaning I

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Have you ever wondered what those Valentine’s Day gifts that you are either giving or receiving mean?

A lot of people may not think about it and just buys anything as long as they have something to give, but every valentine gift has a meaning, especially to those who are really close and value their relationship a lot.

This article will introduce some gifts which have different gift meanings that will guide you to choose appropriate Valentine’s Day Gifts for your lovers.

Chocolate Heart

Chocolate Heart

With aphrodisiac as well as romantic connotations, chocolate has long been the food of love, given at times of celebration or as a token of affection. Heart-shaped chocolate is probably a Valentine’s Day gift.

It always play important role in Valentine’s Day Basket, you know Valentine’s Day gift baskets are also great gifts to give to your loved one. No matter what they are your parents, brothers, sisters, boyfriends, girlfriends etc, the chocolate- heart is appropriate love gifts.

Snowflake Necklaces

Snowflake Necklaces

Necklaces have a deeper meaning than chocolate-heart, they are used to strengthen a relationship as well but it’s of a different level. Necklaces get passed on from generations to generations, usually among mothers and daughters.

It forms a bond that will stand the test of time. A story about the necklace will also be told as the necklace is passed on and the daughter will do the same to her daughter.

Snow represents coldness and hardness in human nature, but the fragile beauty of a snowflake symbolizes truth and wisdom. The snowflake is also a symbol of individuality, since no two are alike. so you choose the snowflake necklaces will win her deeper love from her heart. This will be perfect love gifts.



Have you ever worry about that whether give the perfumes for your loved is appropriate or not, you must always remember this joke about giving perfumes as gifts.

“You smell so bad I can’t stand it! Here, use a perfume, pleeeese!” Of course that is not true, sometime, choose the right perfumes what he/she loves, will be the symbol of the one’s own taste.

You can image that a modern feast for the senses. Served in a sleek metal and glass apple bottle, this juicy fragrance combines the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods. Like the city that inspired it, Be Delicious celebrates individuality with refreshing spirit.

Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentines Day Cards

During Christmas Day, we called it greeting cards, for Valentine’s Day, it will be the Valentien’s Day cards, but its meaning is not change. The custom of greeting cards can be traced to ancient China and Egypt. Today they still function in the same way, to convey messages of celebration.

For Americans, the meaning of greeting cards has expanded gradually over time. Most likely with roots in communication during the major wars of the 20th century, greeting cards became a way an important way to stay in touch with troops stationed away from home.

Today the greeting card is viewed as an important way to stay in contact with friends and family. Attached to a gift, the greeting card is often seen as more sentimental and personalized than simply sending a gift alone.

They can be given to your dad, mom, brothers, sisters or other relatives and friends with your sincere thank you quotes or thank you sayings. You boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife will be interested them for sent by you though without more monetary value.

See more other Valentine Day Gifts’ Meaning in next articles, Don’t go away!


The traditions of Valentine’s Day are broad and many. It is a time to exchange cards or small gifts. Roses and chocolates were the most commonly exchanged Valentine’s Day Gifts and were usually given by man to the women.

But some traditional Valentines Day gifts such as love picture frame, crystal heart Valentine gift, Valentines Day letter, Valentines Day cards and more are classical but still popular and never out. Insist with the times and absorb fashionable element depend on creating their own style are mainly reason to keep their steady gift-giving market. They are worth choosing to highlight special Valentines Day 2012.

Love Picture Frame

picture frameA lot of people like to receive these love gifts. However, they have not long life in our romantic life though you would like say that they had left deep impression upon my heart though they have gone. It is perfect if you can let them live in the chic picture frame, you will enjoy another happiness.

Make your DIY love picture frame is not difficult, just follow these tips belowing:

  1. Choose the shape. You should determine the desired picture frame dimensions. Remember to use the mat, not the picture, as a guide to determine the finished dimensions.
  2. There is no need to use expensive material, the wood picture frame is great and easy to make.
  3. Choose your picture you want to add this frame, please make good choice or you can’t put out it from the finishing frame that will be not smart action.

Crystal Heart Valentine Gift

Crystal Heart Valentine GiftCrystal gift is popular and beautiful for its clear perfection and sparkling reflection. It is also the symbol of pure love and good relationship. So you can’t miss customize crystal heart Valentine gift with engraved love wording/quotes/poems to show your heart.

Customize this gift online is convenient and popular, online trophy store will offers many kinds of crystal love plaque samples for your reference, your lover must be interested in the heart-shaped crystal gift with charm the beveled edges, brilliantly cut and hand polished to perfection. [Click here to see more samples of Crystal Valentines Gifts]

Valentines Day Letter

Valentines Day LetterThere is no need to spend a wallet full of money for Valentines Day. The best gift is heartfelt, which is why a love letter is a perfect item as traditional gift idea to give your loved one. Nothing is more romantic and heartwarming to feel the sweet love flowing in the words line with your own unique handwriting than read paper letter.

Surprise her/him this year with your words, love poems. Romantic and creative Valentine’s Day 2012 need them.

Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day CardsYou may think the Valentines Day cards are so common that can’t help express your big love and appreciation. Wrong, a Valentine’s gift for your lover should not be personal, expensive, or elaborate. Rather, just make a simple gesture to say, “Thank you, My lover. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Your sincere love words from your heart highlight common holiday cards. The best heartwarming and sweet is open the card and smail while read these love words.


Christmas Day is long gone, and Valentine’s Day is almost here! It’s time to go out and buy valentines gifts for your girlfriend, and maybe those you’ve secretly had a crush on all year. Sorry, if you have enough money to prepare your love gifts for your beloved girl, but you want to give her a unique surprise by some special Valentines Day gift.

Ok, I want to know can you write a romantic love poem for her, or draw a wonderful picture about your lovely girl, write a love story is very great, however you can’t give me exact answer, now I can’t wait for you long, I would like share the information about how make handcrafted Valentines card.


valentines day cards material

Making handcrafted valentines gifts, in my experience, can also add significant brownie points to your presentations of affection—and a very nice element of personal effort. For this project, you will need to gather cardstock or cardboard, pictures, glue stick, paint or markers, and whatever other personal elements you would like to include.



  1. Begin by taking your cardstock or cardboard and cutting it into rectangles about 6 inches long.valentines day cards step
  2. Fold your Valentine card in half until you are left with 3-inch folded cards.
  3. Cutting your cards along the folds until you are left with individual 3-inch cards. (If you want to get even more creative, you can cut your valentine into shapes, like hearts, for instance.)
  4. Placing your pictures and decorations on one side of each of your Valentines card.valentines day cards
  5. On the blank side of your Valentine card, you can write a personal message along with the classic “To:” and “From:” headlines.

Valentines Card Content:

Valentines Quotes & Valentine poems

Do you think this part always play important role in Valentine’s Day card? Yes, you can collect kinds of beautiful love poems, Valentines Day quotes, even the classical Valentines Day movies saying or dialogue.

I like the “love story” lyrics of Taylor Swift, they are clean and beautiful:”We were both young when I first saw you, I close my eyes. And the flashback starts. I am standing there on a balcony in summer air…” just like this you can write your love saying follow the Valentine’s Day lyrics.

You should believe that, your heart beats her waves at the shore of the world and writes upon it her signature in tears with words, “I love thee. She will see and hear your heart.