Teacher Appreciation Week & Teacher Appreciation Day

For many formative years, teachers are one of the most important adults in a child’s life – and yet for much of the time we take them for granted.

Traditionally we remember to show our appreciation for our child’s teacher either during” Teacher Appreciation Week“(in the US), end of the school year, back to school, Christmas Day or other holidays.

Most countries have a designated day or week to show their appreciation of teachers. Since 1994, there has been an annual recognition of a World Teachers’ Day holiday on October 5th.

However, numerous countries recognize teachers for their vital contribution to education and development on different dates.

In the United States, Teacher Appreciation Day is celebrated on the Tuesday during Teacher Appreciation Week. Teacher Appreciation Week takes place the first full week of May. An exception to this is the state of Massachusetts. Massachusetts set the first Sunday in June as its own Teacher Day.

Students, parents, and local businesses sometimes show appreciation for teachers by giving gifts or recognizing them with awards. Teacher Appreciation Day is a time to honor teachers for the contributions they make to learning, child development and to the community.

Here are some questions and answer about teacher appreciation week may be good for you know more about it.

Q: When is teacher appreciation week 2011?

A: May 2nd – May 6th, with teacher’s appreciation day being on Tuesday May 3rd.

Q: What can you make your teachers for teacher appreciation week?


1) The homemade teacher gifts is simple but meaningful, this is always good choice for you if you are student have no enough money to buying expensive gifts. The thank you teacher cards and letters with students’ own appreciation word and quotes are good thank you teacher gifts ideas.

2) Many children’s parents want to show their appreciation and concern for their kid’s teacher, they should think about choose practical thank you teacher gifts for them, depend on their interest, hobby and need is perfect.

3) Teacher is not easy work for male or female. They always work hard all the day, children back home without lesson but our teacher can’t stop their work, as teacher’s family, relatives, you must want to help them have good and comfortable feeling during the special time. This time you can choose some gifts with warm and comfortable, invite female teacher to enjoy the spa night, rich but health dinner, travel etc.

Q: Why do we celebrate teacher’s appreciation week?

A: There are kinds of reasons of sending the teacher gifts to our teacher; the important is that we need appropriate time to express our grateful heart for teachers by thank you teacher gifts.

Q: What is the first teacher appreciation gift?

A: Thank you teacher card with simple but sincere teacher appreciation word. That means simple thing means more. Though there is a range of teacher gifts, teacher awards for our reference, we have a wide range of choice, but the thank you teacher cards always play important role.

Teaching appreciation day 2011 is Tuesday 3th May of teacher appreciation week. Although the whole week is one of festivities in the honor of teaching, this day is the highlight of the week.

You can choose this day to officially give your teacher the gifts that you want to give them. As students can choose many kinds homemade teacher gifts, as children’s parents can choose teacher awards, Best Teacher Award PlaqueTeacher Appreciation Plaque.