Using Crystal Plaques as Employee Recognition Awards

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Businesses often use employee recognition programs to improve staff performance and company profitability. And always use sparkling employee recognition awards to highlight the program.

Using Employee Recognition Awards to Appreciate Employee’s Service

Using appropriate corporate awards to appreciate and recognize employee’s service will motivate them. A good recognition award gives reason for employees to work extra hard or encourage them to achieve their new goals. Particularly when it comes to the overall development of larger businesses, employee performance is the primary factor that can directly influence profits.

Selected Crystal Gifts

Employees who feel as though they are rewarded for their efforts tend to work harder and better. Studies have revealed that employee appreciation awards can increase employee performance by as much as 25%. However, choosing the right employee incentive items and distributing them in the right manner is essential to making corporate gifts work.

Why Choose Crystal Employee Recognition Awards?

You may want to consider giving your employees a gift with company logo, such as unique lap pin, personalized coffee mug, pen, engraved plaques and more. But face your unique employee recognition award, are plastic and metal trophies or wooden plaques really what you want decorating your office or house?

Crystal awards have clear perfections and sparkling reflections that attract attention and say “You’re Special”. It doesn’t matter where they are displayed. What better way to appreciate hard work, service of employees than choosing the pure crystal items with engraved employee recognition quotes.

How to Care for Crystal Employee Plaques/Awards?

Your employee may be interested in available tips related how to cleaning and care of crystal plaque is thoughtful and necessary.

These beautiful crystal plaques/awards are composed of numerous faceted prisms, each individually hand cut and polished. Each prism is then carefully glued under a UV heat lamp using a special adhesive that dries clear when cured. Special care is needed to ensure years of enjoyment.

  1. Soak your crystal appreciation plaque in a plastic bowl with lukewarm water and some mild dish detergent for five minutes.
  2. Removing the plaque and wipe down the large surfaces with a microfiber cloth carefully.
  3. Now, make sure that you hand dry it and put it away right away, unless you used distilled water for rinsing, crystal will water spot something vicious if left to air dry.
  4. Finally, you should use a clean, lint-free and soft cotton or microfiber towel for drying the pastor appreciation plaque.


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