You Unique Valentine Day Gift – Lover ID Badge

Last articles we have talk about the kinds of romantic but unique Valentine’s Day gifts includes valentine poems, love story, valentine letter/card etc. Today I would like share the special valentine gift idea; you may be interested in it.

First take a look around the next time you go out to eat at a restaurant, go shopping, visit a friend in the hospital, stop by the post office, go to the airport or stay at a hotel.

Everyone is wearing an identification badge… name badges and security badges just to name a few. Badge are everywhere and it will be interesting you were wore the lovers’ ID badge,go shopping, seeing a movie, visit your friends etc. Hence, you can make your own lovers’ badge.

lovers' badge

A major job of the recognition and identification industry has been serving these identification industry has been serving these identification needs by proving quality signage – both interior and exterior – and name badge products.

So there is a range of choice for you to make a lovers’ badge. A wide variety of plastics can be rotary engraved. Successful rotary cutting can be computerized using a pantograph, or ideally, a computerized system and size as the cutter. You can ask them design your loves’ badge with kinds shape what you want to be such as heart, apple, kills etc.

lovers' badge

Then you should make good decision about the message on the badge or we can call them the valentine day quotes. Lover’s badge has its own feature to differentiate it from the general ID Badge.

Pad printing can help your show this difference, the pad printing process is a marking method that combines aspects of screen printing. Tell them what color and images you want, you can engraved your love sayings, a young rose and even your photos on it.

Gently, silently, put on your special valentine gift while he/she was busying to prepare your valentine dinner. Then enjoy your wonderful Valentine’s Day.