Corporate Gift Ideas Engraved Crystal Awards

Engraved Corporate Gifts Ideas

Engraved corporate gifts are personalized. And personalization is heartwarming and touches employee’s lives. It makes the employee recognition gifts last forever.

Recognizing your employees with personalized items is unique and popular. A employee gift is usually an object of appreciation and recognition, sincerity and pleasure to employees. Engraved corporate gifts are some of the most unique and interesting way too thank employees for their years of service and great contributions for your company.

There are a variety of items that can be engraved and would make a fantastic corporate gift for your outstanding employees. But you can’t miss below engraved corporate gifts ideas if you want to let your staffs know your appreciation and recognition.

Business Cards HoldersBusiness Cards Holders

First, you can’t go wrong with are personalized business card holders, there are many different styles available, they look professional and look even better when engraved with a company logo and recipients name, another benefit to the business card holder is that it is an item that will be pulled out of their pocket and used day in day out in a manner where other people will also see it. Most business cards holders cost only less than $50 each.



Personalized Employee Recognition Plaques

Engraved Corporate Plaques/Awards

Personalized employees appreciation plaque is gorgeous traditional corporate gift. The plaque can be crystal, wood or metal. The crystal plaque is beautiful and popular nowadays. A crystal plaque usually costs around $50 to $100 per piece. The bigger the crystal, the higher its price is. You can choose a crystal plaque from a variety of sizes and shapes.

Optical crystal employee awards and plaques, with their incredible clarity, substantial weight and luxurious design styles, are considered the top choice in the recognition award market. Every piece of crystal awards is hand crafted to its perfection polished to its perfection with exquisite bevels and facets. The award/plaques are known for their incredibly clarity, elegant styles and sophisticated workmanship.

It will be a big surprise to your employee if you present him with a crystal plaque engraved with your recognition and appreciation quotes or poems. The crystal plaque is an adornment as well as Thanksgiving decoration. The personal information engraved on the plaque is the most touching part of the gift. Your employee will surely cherish this gift and proudly show it to others.

Personalized LighterPersonalized Lighter

Even if your special employee doesn’t smoke cigarettes, a personalized lighter remains an appropriate and cool corporate gift.

Many specialty lighters such as Zippo-brand lighters have a stainless steel outer shell, which allows for adding a name, phrase, initials, or monogram. Other lighters come in various novelty shapes and designs such as a pocket calculator, a cell phone, small animals, a tube of lip balm or even a hot dog in a bun. The lighter comes in handy for outdoor enthusiasts or someone lighting a few candles for a romantic evening.

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Engraved Crystal Awards Gifts Ideas

Crystal Plaque for Father’s Day

This crystal Father’s Day plaque for our fathers no matter what they are, pastor, teacher, military etc. Exquisite crystal Father’s Day Plaque with your Father’s Day appreciation poems, quotes or wording will be perfect Father’s Day gift ideas.

Crystal Plaque

Choose crystal plaque as Father’s Day gift is unique way. The beautiful of crystal usually means that its owner has reached the “Best Father” role of performance. Crystal differs from other materials in that it always sparkles and reflects light.

Personalization is easy because crystal can be laser etched with a personal message that recognizes the recipient and the reason for the plaque.

DIY Crystal Father’s Day Plaque

You can customize your own personal Father’s Day Plaque at You can easily relate the generic crystal plaques to your specific recognition need with extensive online samples.

Decorative the crystal plaques can be of artistic, modern, contemporary, nature, collage, heritage or any other kind. You should ask Diy Awards design this Father’s Day plaque depend on your need and your father’s interest and taste.

Engraving your Father’s Day appreciation wording, poems or quotes on the crystal plaque is important part. Your father will know your sincere love from your heart while they read these appreciation wording.


Engraved Crystal Awards Gifts Ideas Teacher Appreciation Gifts

End of School Year Awards for Teacher

Then end of school year awards was always awarded to our teacher to recognize and appreciated their hard-working and outstanding teaching level. The end of the school year is often a time of celebration of success and reflection upon a year of hard work. Teacher enjoys this recognition and takes pride in their efforts. We all know that “recognition is not a scare resource. You can’t use it up or run out of it”. But sometimes, the teachers are either bored or excited, depending on whether or not they are receiving an award. If you are the administrator, you are wondering what you could do to make every teacher awards program happier. Here are some uses of school awards that you may or may not have considered already.

Teacher Appreciation Plaque

Teacher Appreciation Plaque
Chances are you already have a perfect teacher appreciation plaque as part of teacher award program, but are really a good reward to have? Every teacher is worth winning our appreciation and recognition for hard-working. This award can help you boost morale and reward those who put in the effort of teaching better, while not ignoring the support of new teacher.

Teacher of the Year Award

The Teacher of the Year Award provides an ideal opportunity to honor an accomplished educator, inspire other teachers in your school or school district, and raise awareness about the importance of teachers. Hold an awards ceremony at a special morning assembly or luncheon during the end of school day to announce the Teacher of the Year will be a memorable way.

Teacher Achievement Award

Teacher Achievement Award

In the rush to celebrate student achievement, it’s easy to forget that teachers need recognition for their own victories. Whether it’s reaching a high class average or receiving an important award, recognized a teacher’s achievement can help ensure that she continues to strive for excellent both inside and classroom.

Engraved Crystal Awards Gifts Ideas Teacher Appreciation Gifts Thank You Gifts

The Reason for Sending the Teacher Gifts to Our Teacher

Some people may wonder why we should send the teacher gifts to teacher; they have to give our children the best education for they take our money away.

In education, a teacher (or in the US, educator) is a person who provides schooling for pupils and students. A teacher who facilitates education for an individual student may also be described as a personal tutor.

The role of teacher is often formal and ongoing, carried out by way of occupation or profession at a school or other place of formal education. A teacher always plays the important role in someone’s heart, which has taught them important things and has a powerful influence on the way their live.

So if you also have this teacher in you live and you want to show your appreciation to her/him, you must choose the teacher gifts help you express your heart, this is why we should send teacher gifts in our life .

And there are also many kinds teacher gifts such as the Best Teacher Award Plaque, Teacher of the Year Award, Teacher Appreciation Plaque, Teacher Achievement Award they are want to show the different purport.

Teacher Appreciation Plaque

The Teacher Appreciation Plaque or we can say the thank you teacher gifts, this gift always been sent by the students and students’ parents, they want to show their deep appreciation and concern, thank you teacher’s work hard, thank you teacher’s good education for their kids, thank you teacher’s thoughtful concern.

There are many good choice about this kind gift, no matter what they are the homemade thank you gifts, DIY Teacher Appreciation Plaque, cheap gifts or the simple but meaningful thank you card ,they are all great and wonderful, you know the important thing is not the gifts’ value, but the sincere love and appreciation from their heart .

Teacher of the Year Award

Teacher of the Year award is an award for teaching excellence. It is given to teachers who have made a special connection with students, maintained outstanding academic test scores or contributed to the classroom in a number of ways.

Choosing and rewarding such teachers allow the chance to show appreciation for educators. Different schools have different criteria for choosing a Teacher of the Year.

Some ways to go about choosing the nominee might begin with taking a look at achievement. Providing the Teacher of the Year with special gifts and recognition is always appreciated.

Teacher Achievement Award

Teaching is not an easy job, so it’s fortunate that education authorities and other organizations worldwide are well aware of the need to show appreciation and recognition of teaching professionals. This Teacher Achievement Award is good way to show this appreciation and recognition.

Any teacher is able to be nominated for an award, regardless of the kind of school he teaches in and the age group he teaches, as long as he’s a fully qualified professional.

Know more about your teacher, show your appreciation in time, hope more award programs focuses on recognizing hard-working teachers who innovate within the classroom and instill in students enthusiasm for their subjects. Then we will have wonderful educational environment.

Corporate Gift Ideas Engraved Crystal Awards Gifts Ideas

Corporate Awards – Employee Recognition Awards


Employee Recognition Awards are a popular way to recognize generosity. Recognition may include one person, an employee or group, no-profit organizations and businesses. There is a wide range of choice for corporate gifts ideas, but now the crystal corporate awards are the trend.

Trends in Corporate Awards

If you ask industry experts about the status of the corporate awards market, they’ll tell you it’s strong and growing. The corporate market continues to thrive while other less established markets tend to be hit a little harder.

Businesses in the corporate sector always need ways to motivate sector always need ways to motivate employees, no matter what the economic climate, and the best way to do that is through recognition.

Crystal Employee Recognition Awards

Corporate awards need to reflect the values of the corporation as well as the level of achievement being recognized. Optical crystal is popular to make employee awards because of its clear perfection and sparkling reflection.

These unique awards usually represent the achievement of a specific goal that has been reached successfully. The award generally has a logo, picture or specific message laser engraved on the crystal honoring the recipient and his accomplishment.

As long as there is light, the crystal trophies will sparkle and attract attention. Your employees and clients will proudly display them as a constant reminder of how their good work (or their business) is appreciated.

Type of Recognition Awards

The type of recognition award also can vary. Three types of award – master plaques, individual plaques and site plaques- are all popularly used to recognize donors.

  • A stand-out favorite, Crystal Star Awards shines with distinction. Star Awards are created for top performers, the employee of the year or the shining star of the organization.
  • For the upcoming leaders, choose the Crystal Rising Star Awards; to honor exceptional performance and/or lifetime achievement, pick either the magnificent Shining Star Awards or the monumental Crystal Star Towers.
  • The Crystal Globe Awards, featuring either a detailed crystal globe on the award or an engraved globe on the concaved crystal, are well suited to honor the success of a multinational project, or to recognize the contribution at global scale.

In order to understand how to compose award messages how to compose award message involving theses three different types of plaques, you may find it helpful to consider a hypothetical example involving a hospital that needs funding to build a new wing.

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