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Corporate Gifts Ideas-Employee of the Month Program

A recognition program such as Employee of the Month program is vital to the health and success of your organization.

Planning unique Employee of the Month program to express your appreciation and recognition to your rewarding and recognizing employees is thoughtful and necessary. The employee appreciation programs are one of the most budget-friendly and effective ways to make your employees more productive. But how to starting the meaningful employee of the month program?

Below are essential tips for employee recognition programs to help you make the Employee of the Month program looking successful and meaningful.

Employee recognition programs come in all shapes and sizes, but it is important to remember one thing that is true about all of them: without adequate planning, recognizing employees can lead disaster, if not well-planned, public praising your workers can lead to jealousy, divisiveness, and unproductive flattery in an attempt to undeservedly gain recognition.

So you’d better follow below tips:

Share the Wealth

Don’t rely on a single end-of-the-year award to motivate employees: they will forget about it throughout the year and lose interest when they don’t win. Offer employees incentives to “coach” their lunch or break times. Incentives could come in the form of paid time off, gift certificates to stores or restaurants, movie tickets or even small, simple mementos to show appreciation.

Consider Your Corporate Culture

Employee recognition programs need to match the culture of the workplace in which they are created. A business’s culture is made up of shared values, beliefs, habits and goals. For a start-up company with younger employees, however, a professional wrestling championship belt might make for a more effective traveling trophy.

Praise in Public

Offer a reward always plays vital role in employee recognition programs. Keep it fair whenever you are distributing employee gifts.
Offer a corporate gift always plays vital role in employee recognition programs. Keep it fail whenever you are distributing employee gifts. If you give a staff gift to your assistant, give also to all other employees down to the utility. If you are giving away different items, the price differences should be minimal.

Customized employee plaques/awards with engraved appreciation and recognition wording/quote will be perfect and elegant and will give suit every employee.