Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifts Ideas – Employee Service Awards

Studies show that employee service awards help build employee morale and enhances continued loyalty to your company. The presentation of the service award also provides an excellent opportunity for management to praise the employee and demonstrate your company’s values.

Why Service Awards are Important?

Employee service awards are one very effective and low-cost way to show appreciation to dedicated employees. Employee service awards make for excellent encouragements to discouraged workers, as well as offer nice “pats pm the back” to employees who are well and are clearly appreciated in the workplace.

It’s a must to let our employees know that they are important to us. And company appreciates their years of service and contributions. Everyone needs to feel important and needed, in every phase of their lives. Since our employees spend most of their waking time on our behalf, behooves us to make them feel appreciated.

Awards for Years of Service Milestones

The timing of awards is important. Presenting awards in a timely fashion on or near the date of the anniversary shows the employee that the award is a priority to the company. Although most companies start with the 5th year anniversary, and 5 years thereafter, many companies also recognize 1-year and 3-year service anniversary with great results.

Types of Corporate Service Awards

There are many different types of corporate service awards available this occasion, years of service awards can range from classics like rings, badges, watches and necklaces to pens, to today’s popular lifestyle items like kayaks, digital cameras, and even music downloads.

But what types of years of service awards do employees like best? Some employees consider awards to be more sincere, if there are personal. So the DIY crystal corporate awards will be perfect choice.

Employee Service Awards Corporate Service Awards Years of Service Awards

Are plastic and metal trophies or wooden plaques really what you want decorating your office? Crystal awards/plaques have clear perfections and sparkling reflections that attract attention and says “You’re special”. They have an appearance that is vastly different from ordinary.

Everyone is interested in personalized gifts for personalization is heartwarming and touches people’s live. It makes the gift last forever. Your personalized employee service awards can highlight the occasion is several important ways.

A variety of online trophy stores like can offer DIY (Design It Yourself) service that you can design your own style of crystal corporate award/plaque with their online personalization wizard.

The unique years of service awards with elegant deep-etch engraving, Logo set-ups and sincere appreciation message that honoring the recipient and his service and contribution.