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Corporate Gifts Ideas – Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees

Thanksgiving is a time when employers reflect on their blessings and give thanks for what their employees have been given in the past year.

Thanksgiving Gifts Appreciate Your Employees

Whether you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner or attending one, why not take advantage of this chance to say thank-you to employees, clients with Thanksgiving gifts that will make the occasion even more memorable. Clients, employees, and friends will love their customized Thanksgiving promotional gifts, and will remember your company every time they use it or think of this time of year.

How to Choose Holiday Presents for Employees?

As you may have found, choosing employee holiday gifts is not simple. There are simply too many choices! How can you choose the best one? Here are some tips for gift giving:

  1. Get to know your employees. What do they do love besides being in the office for most days of the week?
  2. Consider the tastes of your employees. While recognition is the important part of the equation, you want to make sure that your workers enjoy the gift they are receiving.
  3. As you consider which items you will choose, keep in mind that useful gifts are a good choice. Just make sure they don’t look like you are handing out a billboard for your business! No one wants to be rewarded with an advertisement, so choose something tasteful and useful.
  4. If you want to use these times to motivate your work force, you need to present them publicly.
  5. Keep it fair whenever you are distributing employee gifts.

Your time is well worth the effort. It’s not really about the cost of the gift but the thought that comes with it.

Thanksgiving Gifts for Employees

Personalized beer holster

No Thanksgiving is complete without a proper game of football. An American tradition, it is almost guaranteed that tons of people will be tuning into the football game the day of their Turkey Feast- and what goes better with a game of ball than beer? The beer holster perfect for Turkey Feast or backyard BBQs, parties or tailgating, this handy holster keeps a bottle of beer right where it belongs – by their side. Rugged and durable, it snaps to any standard belt and comes fitted with adjustable nylon straps for added comfort and support.

* Yoga in the office

Well, our bodies do get tired from sitting all day long in front of the computer or in a desk. If your office does not have an area where you can exercise or stretch or move around, why not buy your employee this gift? But this movie where it teaches you simple yoga moves which your staff can do in the cubicle…or in the comfort of their own bedroom!

* Green Thumb

For plant lovers, what joy it brings to their heart to receive a plant. This goldfish plant is easy to grow and blooms all the year round. This plant is placed in a hanging basket and looks so attractive too! Coming from Southern Mexico and Brazil and has waxy leaves with tiny orange pouched flowers this will surely brightened someone’s room!

* Chocolate and Candy

Employee chocolate and candy are great Thanksgiving gifts that spread the cheer. Wrap them up gaily in plastic and tie them up with colorful ribbons. You can also get some employee shot glasses or jars into which you can pour the candy and chocolate bar.

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