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Seeking Years of Service Award for Your Employees

Being appreciated for a job well done will never grow old. When giving a meaningful recognition to an employee such as the very popular Years of Service Award, you are raising moral, which lends in encouraging a higher level of performance.

An employee service award program will pay off in the long run. Whether you’re looking to honor a loyal employee or a service person that has served for many years, there are a variety of ideas that can help you develop employee service awards.

5 Years of Service Award

Present your valued employees with plaques that they can place in their office or at home. Hang on the display board a large picture of the employee with his award and gift. Above, place in large words: “Thanks for 5 Years of Service!” Include a collage of workplace photos of the employee through the years.

Take pictures yearly around the office just for this occasion. Give your worker a useful and attractive desk addition by presenting him with a paperweight. Have your company’s logo or another representative symbol set in heavy glass to craft this attractive paperweight.

15 Years of Service Award

An employee who has given 15 years of service could be given an award like a paid cruise for him and his family. When select years of service awards for your workers, seek something that is appropriately formal and representative of the wonderful job that the worker has done to date.

Give your 15-year-steady employees a gift representative of time by presenting them with a watch. Have a plaque created that contains the headline “For 15 Years of Service.”

Place the company logo prominently on the plaque, and include images reflective of your business, such as small pictures of tires to represent a tire company. Allow long-term workers to jazz up their desk space by giving them name plates.

Seeking Years of Service Award for Your Employees30 Years of Service Award

Gift should become more expensive as years of service increase. A longevity award or we also can say that 30 Years of Service Award is normally given to an employee that has served your organization well for many years.

Most employees will welcome a 30 Years of Service Award, as it demonstrates to them that they are appreciated by their employer or superiors. Present your award at a party or company gathering that honors the person in front of his peers.

A longevity award in which the theme is one of camaraderie and unity can be a great way to promote a sense of teamwork and family at your company.