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Appreciation Gifts for Male Boss

Boss Day offers an opportunity for employees to show their appreciation to their bosses on October 16th every year. Sending your boss a Boss Day gift is a great way to express your gratitude for what he/she has done throughout the year.

You should pay attention to choose appropriate Boss’s Day gifts for your male or female boss. Finding the right appreciation gift for your male boss can be tough. You don’t want to give a gift that would be offensive in any way or one that might look like you’re trying to kiss up to him. Play it safe by selecting gifts that are not too expensive and are related to a passion or hobby of his.

Appropriate Gifts for the Overworked Boss

If your boss is the type that likes to take on the world, he probably needs a day of rest and relaxation, then you can invite him to enjoy the healthy treatment such as acupuncture, male spa, and maybe even a book on meditation so he can learn relaxation exercises and clear his mind.

Thoughtful Gifts for Travelers

Your boss will be interested in your thoughtful gifts if he is the traveler. Gifts for travelers can range from high-tech to low-tech and from practical to a little bit frivolous. Travel pillows and other items that help a traveler stay comfortable are good ideas.

Noise canceling headphones are perfect for your boss who wants to get some rest on an airplane or other public transportation. These thoughtful gifts are normally lightweight so male bosses don’t add to a traveler’s bulky packages.

Cool Gifts for Sports Fans

Your boss may have a certain sport, sports team or team player that they enjoy watching and keeping track of if your male boss is sports fan, which is why a sports-themed gift would make them happy campers. Therefore you can buy all sorts of cheap sports-related objects, such as shot glasses, jerseys, T-shirt, hobbies, decorative signs and books that are personalized with any team’s logo on them.

Boss’s Day Gifts for the Office

If you are not as familiar with your boss’ out-of-work activities and interests, getting him something he can use in the office is a great option. An engraved money clip and business card holder are both good options for a work-related gift. Less expensive office gifts can include a nice pen set, personalized mug, picture frame or paper weight.

Male Boss Appreciation Gifts Samples

Flame Boss Day Gift Boss Plaque

Customize unique crystal boss appreciation award/plaque with engraved Boss’s Day quote or poem at will be wonderful and appropriate. Add your boss’s name and members of the staffs’ signature to this elegant crystal plaque and say “Thank You”, “You’re special”.

Flame Boss Day Gift Flame Boss Day Gift

The precision-cut Crystal Flame Award Plaques resembles the shape of flame. Flame awards are ideal for the colleagues or leaders who always ignite the team. Most award plaques in this collection provide plenty of room for recipient’s name, a personal recognition note, and your company or organization logo.

Golf SetGolf Set

Many bosses enjoy golfing on weekends or business trips. In this case, a fitting gift is a golf organizer that sits in the trunk of his car. The organizer can have compartments for golf shoes, balls, gloves and tees, and areas for extra clothes after a long day in the sun.

Coffee MugCoffee Mug

Your personalized coffee mug is heartwarming and touches boss’s work or lives, such as the DIY coffee mug. A personalized coffee mug is an excellent gift item. You know the coffee mug is going to use it daily. Lately some company is creating promotional coffee mugs as personalized coffee mugs for branding purposes.