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Have You Ever Choose Appropriate Corporate Gifts

It can be tricky finding the right gifts for co-workers and business associates. Choose from a huge variety of corporate gift baskets containing anything from chocolates and meats and cheese to spa day accessories!

For a gift with a slightly more personal touch you’ll find putter sets, manicure sets, charging stations, money clips, cuff links… and all with free engraving!

But how to choose the right gifts for them. Anybody who has been in business for long has been the recipient of a corporate gift. From pens with minimal ink to water bottles that have poor seals and leak there are a whole lot of bad choices out there.

If you don’t think so check out any thrift shop and you will find hundreds of mugs, water bottles and unwanted corporate t-shirts on display, all donated by employees and corporate clients who did not value the gift. So how do you choose a corporate gift that people want to receive is well liked and will be around for at least a while?

Know More about the Corporate Environment

Today’s corporate environment is more sophisticated than in decades past so making sure your corporate gift giving is hip and well aligned with your company’s image and mission is very important. Let’s just be honest, no one wants a key chain with the company logo on it so let’s look to some of the more innovative ideas out there. Such as the engraved employee appreciation plaque/award is perfect.

Follow the Green Environment

Employee Recognition AwardThink green when it comes to impressing clients with your care of the environment. Avoid plastics and other non- recyclables. For smaller companies you can even look at items from local artisans such as soap makers. Make a corporate gift statement while making your company’s statement about the world!

A corporate gift like hand milled soap in a trendy box with your green logo on it would be sure to impress and be enjoyed by many people. Or perhaps a nice grocery tote for those after work runs the market.

Corporate Gifts for Women

Corporate Gifts for WomenTargeted corporate gifts for female employees are a hot new trend that is worth looking into. Women’s desires are often different, so it is important that choose corporate gifts according to the interests, tastes or hobby of business women.

With women it’s good to be subtle so don’t go slapping your logo on what you give them. They will remember that the beautiful mirrored compact or lipstick holder was from you.

So choose the good gifts that are fit for women’s interest, such as books, decorations and others exquisite crafts with crystal are wonderful gifts ideas.

Corporate Gifts for Men

Corporate Gifts for MenWide varieties of gifts are available for male employees who work in the corporate world.

  1. Businessmen typically have busy lives. Gifts that help organize their materials for easy use while traveling is often appreciated. Bags for carrying laptop computers help protect their machine and usually have additional pockets for storing other items.
  2. Many men are sports fans and appreciate gifts related to their favorite event type.
  3. There are many different types of engravable gifts available this holiday season, the most popular being the engraved plaque. Engravable crystal plaques or awards have clear perfection and sparkling reflection that attracts attention and says “You’re special”.
  4. Clothes traditionally given to men as gifts tend to be specialty items that may receive occasional use: robes, slippers and the ubiquitous necktie.
  5. Business men who are constantly on the go would benefit from a technological gift. If you are on a budget, less expensive gift items include USB drives for storing and transferring digital files, laptop accessories such as a wireless mouse or a computer carry bag, or an mp3 player for the music-loving corporate professional.