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Corporate Gifts Ideas- Employee Appreciation Day Picnic Ideas

The Employee Appreciation Day picnic is a beloved tradition at many firms. It’s an appropriate opportunity for employees to show your appreciation and recognition and life employee morale.

As well as Employee Appreciation Day party, a well organized Employee Appreciation Day picnic with planned activities can help integrate employees with each other. Organize wonderful family picnic for every employee will be thoughtful and appreciation.

Your employees don’t have any time for their families and their loved ones because they are too busy with their work. Plan a family day picnic during Employee Appreciation Week in a park and invite your employees and their family and recognize an employee’s hard work in front of her/his loved ones is creative way to express appreciation and recognition.

But how to prepare perfect Employee Appreciation Day picnic? Here are some panning tips may be useful.

Employee Appreciation Day Planning Tips

  1. Decide who to invite. How many employees who work for your company do you need to invite them? But what about families? If the families are invited figure out how many people will attend. Employee only? Spouses and significant others? Children?
  2. Available Budget. This is major factor in the planning of your picnic. You must know how much money you have to spend in order to do much planning. This will give you an idea of where to start.
  3. Date of Picnic. Plan the picnic on Employee Appreciation Day is great. March is the best time to hold company picnics for the weather is more favorable.
  4. Location. The selection of the location will depend upon a couple of factors. Research locations, taking into consideration the travel time from employees’ homes or the office.
  5. What type of food will be served? You’d better plan the menu with the venue and attendees in mind to make food list clearly. Vegetarian and vegan choices should be included along with kosher foods.
  6. Decide on your entertainment and events. Successful and funny activities can appeal to all ages, so keep your choices fresh and creative.

Employee Appreciation Day Picnic Entertainment and Activities

Quality and creative entertainment is a key element in a fun, successful Employee Appreciation Day picnic.

Thoughtful and successful employee appreciation activities can appeal to all ages, such as employee’s kids are interested in Carousel, Kids Swing, Ferris Wheel; and middle teens may be fond of rock wall; prepare appropriate music for music loving, artistic employees can’t refuse the sand art, spin art, or sandy candy art and more.

Keep all ages in mind when planning your entertainments and games then you will have creative and fresh ideas.

Employee Appreciation Day Awards

Most organizations have some form of an award program. And the special Employee Appreciation Day picnic is no exception. They can be simple Employee Appreciation Day gifts include logo T-shirts or baseball caps, or you also can reward your employees in front of her/his loved ones with customized employee recognition awards/plaques.

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