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Teacher Retirement Gifts Ideas

Teacher retirement is a milestone event that rewards the hard work and achievement of the diligent worker. Retirement means freedom from the world of work, a time of rest and a time to enjoy the fruits of years of labor. Finding appropriate teacher retirement gifts ideas will help our retired teacher has happy retirement.

There are many kinds of teacher retirement gifts you can choose, but choose right and thoughtful retirement gifts for teacher is not easy till you select them according to teacher’s retired emotion, interests, hobbies, tastes and more.

Here are top 10 teacher retirement gifts ideas for your reference.

1. Retirement Travel

Choosing travel-themed retirement gift for your teacher if you know she/he will start her/his retirement travel. Appropriate retirement travel gifts include camera, backpack, trip shoes, GPS satellite positioning system, tourist handbook etc.

2. Garden-Themed Gifts

First, you should make sure your retired teachers are interested in gardening. Giving someone a gift aligned with their life passion is an easy way to show that you care about them and support their interested and aspirations. Decorate the outside and inside of a shoebox-sized wooden box with paint, a collage, or decoupage. Pile a basket full of gardening books.

3. Hobbies-Themed Gift

Teacher Retirement Gifts Ideas-Hobbies-Themed Gift

Select a gift based on a hobby that your retired teacher has not been able to do since they have been busy with their educational career. If she/he is a talented painter who says she/he has no time to paint, send her/him an easel, a palette, canvas and paints and see if she does not start painting right away.

Surprise her with a golfer’s gift package, complete with tees, balls and a nifty golfer’s bag. A box of personalized Titlist golf balls will be well received by the corporate executive looking to work on his handicap.

Your teacher may have taste and style and he knows a great full-bodied wine when he sees one. She’s sampled cuisines of the world and has a palate that can detect the most imperceptible flavors. When looking for the right retirement gift for your wine and gourmet food enthusiast, choose carefully. Wines of the month clubs are popular gifts for retirees, and he will enjoy sampling a new wine each month.

4. Apple-Themed Retirement Plaque

Apple-Themed Teacher Retirement Plaque

Although it may seem cliche, giving the teacher an apple is tried and true way to get on his/her good side. Try to customize a crystal apple-themed retirement plaque with teacher’s name and dates of services as a classy gift.

There are many different types of online trophy stores can offer the DIY service like Diy Awards – you can design it yourself. The clear and sparkling crystal teacher retirement plaque can highlight teacher’s desk or his/her house. Your teacher will recall his/her students while she/he read engraved teacher appreciate wording in the crystal plaque.

5. Bound Book

Worn or antique books can find a second life through rebinding. Your retired teacher will find new memories while they open your bound book be filled with your heartwarming retirement wishes. It is perfect that you can write down your own teacher retirement quotes which will highlight your retirement gift.

6. Bon Voyage Card

Cut out the shape of a ship from heavy scrapbook paper printed with a retirement theme, available at craft shops. Attach it to the front of a blank card stock card. Use stamps with individual letters with blue or green ink that spell “Bon Voyage” or “Have a wonderful retired cruise” under or around the image of the ship. Inside the card write a personal note such as “Don’t forget to send me a postcard”.

7. Donated Tree

Teacher Retirement Gifts Ideas-Donated Tree

Along the lines of a donated tree, there have been playground benches donated in honor of teachers. A poetry fund was started to honor another teacher, and it provides for an author to visit the school every year. And the tree also can reflect the seeds of knowledge that she has sown over the years.

8. The Picture of Her First Class

In my old school we had a teacher retire after 30 years. Some who had worked with her forever had gotten most of her first class to stop by and sign the matting around their class picture. That really touched her.

9. Signed Photos

Getting an autograph can be a fun and exciting way to commemorate that special moment when you meet your favorite sports or movie star, the same as your teacher did while they are young boys and girls. So your teacher can’t refuse this special retirement gift.

10. Health Care Gift

What is the genuine gift for retired teacher? They may be the gifts of health and wellness. A gift of health can come in many shapes and sizes and it may cost you very little. Keep in mind that health includes physical, mental and spiritual health so there are many ideas to choose from. Such as the gift of green tea, foot spa, health spa card etc.

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