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Top 7 Boss’s Day Poems 2011

Many employees choose to send a Boss’s Day gift instead when they want to say thank you but if you want to make it more personalized, the gift should also include a thank you poem to make known your sincere appreciation and support for your boss.

Below are top 7 thank you poems for you to browse through that you can include in your note or gift.

Poem to Say Thank You

Are you fortunate enough to have the kind of boss who warrants a thank you poem? If so, then writing thank you poem to boss should come as a natural response to someone you refer to as boss, manager or supervisor, who has treated you with kindness and respect in the workplace.

Thank you poems need not be long and flowery. Sometimes, a short thank you poem is more than adequate, especially when you just want to fit a few words in a card.

Poem 1

This Day is Special and it’s just for you

To tell how much we appreciate you

We cannot tell how happy we are

To have the Boss the way you are

Poem 2

You always give your best

And inspire others to do likewise

That you are appreciated

Should come as no surprise

Your kind of leadership skills

Is a talent, that’s true…

One that’s appreciated and valued

It’s good working for, and with, you.

Happy Boss’s Day

Poem 3

There is no bonus better than just you,

Of more immediate and lasting worth.

This season of glad tidings and great girth

Has resonance in all the good you do.

Even though the turning of the Earth

Brings forth hopes and resolutions new,

Of sovereigns singular and bosses few

Sing only of an annual rebirth,

Songs of gentle hearts and grateful mirth.

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Poem to Show Support

Support the strategic goals that your boss is have to promote, your boss will appreciate you wanting to understand and will see you as an ally as well as someone who needs to be mentored with more structure.

It’s never going to be easy understanding your boss, but your boss also want to win your recognition and support for they are also human and that means they make human mistakes, they might use the wrong word to give you some feedback, however you should know they want you to work better. It will be good for you and him.

Poem 4

There’s a mountain before you

One you feel you can never climb

The distance is frightening,

but I know you can make it to the other side

If only you try

I’ve seen the strength

that you carry inside

I’ve seen the will, the passion

the fight in your eyes

I’ve witnessed your ambition

I know you can do it one more time

Poem 5

The sun will shine tomorrow

The rain will somehow end

This is not only a promise

It’s just the way it is

Bad times don’t last forever

The tough times they never stay

The heartache and the let down

Will soon go away

In times of deep sadness

The pain is all too real

And it’s hard to believe

That with time the hurt will heal

The dark clouds that hang above

Will eventually move on

And the storms that dance around

Will soon be gone

Stay strong and keep in mind

That again, the sun will shine

Poem 6

When the world brings you down

And hurtful words break your heart

Don’t turn around

And walk away from who you are

Stand up for your beliefs

Trust in what you know

In yourself you’ll find strength

Not in another soul.

Poem 7

Don’t let today’s troubles

Bring you down,

Or allow you to question

Your ability

Don’t let life’s little obstacles

Keep you from trying,

Or become the reason

For defeat

Don’t let your fears

Keep you from dreaming,

Or from chasing

your dream

Don’t give up for any reason

Believe in yourself,

And in yourself

You’ll find strength