Corporate Gift Ideas Engraved Crystal Awards

Engraved Corporate Gifts Ideas

Engraved corporate gifts are personalized. And personalization is heartwarming and touches employee’s lives. It makes the employee recognition gifts last forever.

Recognizing your employees with personalized items is unique and popular. A employee gift is usually an object of appreciation and recognition, sincerity and pleasure to employees. Engraved corporate gifts are some of the most unique and interesting way too thank employees for their years of service and great contributions for your company.

There are a variety of items that can be engraved and would make a fantastic corporate gift for your outstanding employees. But you can’t miss below engraved corporate gifts ideas if you want to let your staffs know your appreciation and recognition.

Business Cards HoldersBusiness Cards Holders

First, you can’t go wrong with are personalized business card holders, there are many different styles available, they look professional and look even better when engraved with a company logo and recipients name, another benefit to the business card holder is that it is an item that will be pulled out of their pocket and used day in day out in a manner where other people will also see it. Most business cards holders cost only less than $50 each.



Personalized Employee Recognition Plaques

Engraved Corporate Plaques/Awards

Personalized employees appreciation plaque is gorgeous traditional corporate gift. The plaque can be crystal, wood or metal. The crystal plaque is beautiful and popular nowadays. A crystal plaque usually costs around $50 to $100 per piece. The bigger the crystal, the higher its price is. You can choose a crystal plaque from a variety of sizes and shapes.

Optical crystal employee awards and plaques, with their incredible clarity, substantial weight and luxurious design styles, are considered the top choice in the recognition award market. Every piece of crystal awards is hand crafted to its perfection polished to its perfection with exquisite bevels and facets. The award/plaques are known for their incredibly clarity, elegant styles and sophisticated workmanship.

It will be a big surprise to your employee if you present him with a crystal plaque engraved with your recognition and appreciation quotes or poems. The crystal plaque is an adornment as well as Thanksgiving decoration. The personal information engraved on the plaque is the most touching part of the gift. Your employee will surely cherish this gift and proudly show it to others.

Personalized LighterPersonalized Lighter

Even if your special employee doesn’t smoke cigarettes, a personalized lighter remains an appropriate and cool corporate gift.

Many specialty lighters such as Zippo-brand lighters have a stainless steel outer shell, which allows for adding a name, phrase, initials, or monogram. Other lighters come in various novelty shapes and designs such as a pocket calculator, a cell phone, small animals, a tube of lip balm or even a hot dog in a bun. The lighter comes in handy for outdoor enthusiasts or someone lighting a few candles for a romantic evening.

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