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Celebrate Independence Day 2011

Celebrate Independence Day 2011

Independence Day is a celebration of the United States’ freedom, and is typically commemorated by enjoying all things American.

Independence Day also knows as the Fourth of July because that’s the day it is celebrated, Fourth of July is a holiday that celebrate the separation of the United States from Great Britain, and the United States’ declaration of independence.

If the Fourth of July has become just another day off work, maybe this is the year to put a little oomph back into your celebration of our country’s birth. Traditionally, many people celebrate this day with picnics, parades, and fireworks.

No matter what your Independence Day celebrations did, the important thing is that show your patriotism and blessing for our country.

  • Hang a United States flag from your house roof, car, or your work building.
  • Visit one of the places where the urge for freedom simmered up and finally boiled over into the revolution of the 1770s.
  • Read the Declaration of Independence and try to put yourself in Thomas Jefferson’s shoes as he wrote it.
  • Celebrate Independence Day 2011

  • Dress up patriotically. Some citizens choose to wear clothes that have U.S. flag design on them, like the patriotic hat with colors of red, white and blue, T-shirt features American flag, even children paint on a personal display of patriotism by decorating their nails with stars and stripes.
  • Decorate family with patriotic decorations. To get everyone in the party spirit, you need to decorate your venue. Red, white and blue shooting star patriotic wreath is your first choice, and then everyone is interested in the paper fan hanging patriotic decorations, bunting doormat, fireworks flowers and patriotic lanterns. Customize a crystal patriotic plaque features the American flag design and engrave 4th of July quotes or poems will be the highlight of your party table.
  • Independence Day Firework

  • Attend a firework show. Most cities and towns provide a fireworks display of some kind. They are loud, beautiful, stunning, amazing, exciting and so much more!
  • Have a Fourth of July party, BBQ at your or one of your friends or families house. Eat special foods such as pizza, burgers, or special home cooked meals. Independence Day is also good time to enjoy the family reunion.