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Corporate Gifts Ideas for Christmas Day

In the world of corporate gifts there is never a bad time to award a gift. Whether it’s to enforce your brand or improve your reputation, corporate gifts play an important role in sending out the right message and are an important marketing tool.

This is especially true at Christmas. Christmas is of course the main gift giving occasion of the year and in the corporate world that means gifts for staff and customers, but where do you start when it comes to choosing the right Christmas corporate gifts?

Should they be used as a marketing tool or simply as a reward? And who should receive a Christmas corporate gift? Do you have good corporate gifts ideas?

What Christmas Corporate Gifts to Buy?

Again there is a difference between Christmas corporate gifts for staff and Christmas corporate gifts for customers. When there is a marketing and promotional angle to your gifts, practicality is the key.

A practical branded gift that will be widely used will provide you with more opportunities for your brand to be seen and noticed.

Anything that will sit on a desk or be used frequently at work will fulfill this purpose and when it is displaying your brand it will improve your visibility to the people that matter. Desk items such as calendars, pens and desk toys are all effective in this role.

When shopping for employees there is much more freedom with regards to what is suitable. It can be something that is relevant to the company or to the recipient and as there is no promotional motive there is no necessity for it to be something practical.

A gift with a high perceived value that is well presented will make an effective gift to enhance morale and motivation, and by using corporate gifts over a bottle of wine or vouchers will show that thought has gone into the gift. As with all gifts, it is the thought that counts.

Edible Gifts Are Very Popular

Box of chocolates, Lolly jar, hamper of confectionary or gourmet food, box of fresh fruit, Cookie jar full of cookies, Bottle of good olive oil, Set of spices, Pot of stilton cheese in port. If you are choosing something such as a box of chocolate fudge make sure your company logo is large and right there on the packet opening. It will not be there for long.

Stationery is Necessary for Every Business

Think how much exposure your company would get from someone using sticky notes or memo pads that have your company logo on the upside. Pen, highlighter, pencil and pencil case, whiteboard marker, magnetic whiteboard with eraser, bookmark and so on. They are necessary in just about every business.

Read Your Appreciation from Engraved Corporate Gifts

There is always the question on whether corporate gifts should carry the company logo and other appreciation or recognition wording/quotes. However the general rule is that they should contain less information on the company. Since corporate gifts do not function like promotional items, then having the company logo and details is not required.

Remember that these are used primarily to show the appreciation of the company to its stakeholders. We also can say we should send some thank you gifts to them. It also helps if you send in corporate gifts that are expensive and valuable so as to give a good impression on the company.

There are a lot of corporate gift choices that companies can choose from. Some of these are clocks, employee appreciation plaques/awards and companies can have the option to have these engraved. The bottom line is that corporate gifts should be more valuable than the ordinary promotional item such as pens, folders, or notepads.