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Corporate Gifts Ideas-Administrative Professionals’ Day

The Administrative Professionals Day is on the Wednesday of the last full Administrative Professionals Week (April 25 in 2012).

Administrative Professional’s Day is also known as Secretary’s Day. It has become a time for recognition of those employees who are assistants and secretaries that work with you to make your life easier! Often in the hustle and bustle of work, we don’t get the opportunity to thank those who work so diligently to keep things running smoothly.

Administrative Professionals’ Day

Administrative Professionals’ Day highlights the important role of administrative professionals in all sectors of the modern economy worldwide. Since 1952, the International Association of Administrative Professionals has honored office workers by sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week. Today, it is one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays.

Administrative Professionals Week

The Administrative Professionals Week is observed annually during the last full week of April.

The name of the National Secretaries Associations was changed to the International Association of Administrative Professionals. All in all, it was created mainly to service two purposes. First, there was a need to get more people interested in becoming secretaries. Second, the International Association of Administrative Professionals wanted secretaries to be recognized for the assistance that they provided to various businesses and organizations.

Celebration Ideas of Administrative Professionals’ Day

Administrative Professionals Day and Administrative Professionals Week are widely observed in many workplaces in the United States and other countries around the world. Many employers and supervisors arrange events to show their appreciation of the work carried out by administrative professionals, to highlight their importance to the organization and to enhance their work-related skills.

  1. Administrative Professionals’ Day Party – Secretary’s party is not only for appreciate employees. It can also be used to improve the morale, loyalty and focus of your staff.
  2. Secretary’s Day Picnic –  Plan a family day picnic in a park and invite your employees and their family and recognize an employee’s hard work in front of her/his loved ones.
  3. Administrative Professionals’ Day Dinner – Let your employees have tasteful holiday dinner.
  4. Administrative Professionals’ Day Awards Ceremony – Plan awards ceremony for your employees, with recognition award categories that are similar to what you would see at a real show.