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Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas

If you are the good son, you should know your parents Crystal Wedding Anniversary; if you playing a part in perfect husband or wife, you must be remember your Golden Wedding Anniversary; if you have some bosom friends, nothing is better than receiving your anniversary gifts from you.

On September 12, 1963, John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, gave his wife Jackie Kennedy a 10th anniversary gift of a beautiful emerald ring complete with 10 stones set in an eternity band to symbolize their eternal love.

Unbeknownst to them this was to be their last wedding anniversary together; JFK was assassinated on November 22, 1963.

Of course, we all are the ordinary people, we can’t afford to buy this romantic and luxury ring, but you should catch the important point from this issue, we also can to do that as good as Kennedy, just only anniversary gift with you love and sincerity, no matter what expensive it is, the important thing is your heart.

Actually, everyday is wedding anniversary for every couple. It is a great achievement for a married couple to remain married for several years. As a society we choose to honor certain years of anniversaries.

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15 Anniversary Gifts

Traditionally the 15th anniversary gift should be something made from crystal alternatively you could opt for the more modern crystal wedding anniversary gift which should be made from glass. Watches are also a popular gift for a 15th anniversary.

It is important to set yourself a budget when looking for any style of gift as it can be extremely tempting to spend more than you can afford and possible regret your choice later on.

If your husband or wife enjoys relaxing with a glass of wine then the perfect gift would be crystal glasses, these could be inscribed with a personal message to give it a more personal touch, you could also throw in a nice bottle of wine that you can share together.

Think carefully about the type of gift you are looking for, consider the receivers personality and what their likes and dislikes are and at the same time try to incorporate the crystal or glass theme.

25 Anniversary Gifts

For your parents on their silver wedding anniversary you may want to give them a memory book. This can be either made yourself, or you could get someone to do it for you. Decorate the cover with silver to show the 25th wedding anniversary. Included photos of your parent’s years together – maybe even have one of each of them as children in the beginning.

50 Anniversary Gifts

One of the biggest numbers that people celebrate is that of “50.” 50th birthdays and 50th anniversaries are great times to celebrate because both are great milestones in one’s life. When a couple has been married for 50 years, it means that they have been through a lot together, and they deserve to have a great anniversary gift.

For unique and unusual golden wedding anniversary ideas, you might want to focus on tradition, and get them something gold or something that is plated in gold.

Or you might also want to get the couple something that they can use – if they are active, they might like travel equipment, or golfing supplies, or even a gift certificate for a vacation somewhere…perhaps a resort or spa hotel.

If they spend most of their time at home, they might enjoy gardening gear, grilling items, or even something great for their home or yard.

Imagine the surprise of someone who is celebrating their 50th something – whether it is anniversary, year working somewhere, the anniversary of an event, a friendship anniversary or a 50th birthday – and the gift that they get is a one-inch piece of land in all FIFTY states.

This is a great gift for any event – but for someone’s 50th, it is even better. It’s the best 50th gift you’ll find anywhere.

Gifts Ideas

Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Parents

When thinking about the perfect wedding anniversary gifts for your parents, it’s easy to get sucked into the tried and tested gifts that are bound to please cycle. Chocolates, flowers, a vintage bottle of wine or champagne are all very acceptable choices – but they are a little predictable.

Take a look at some of the unusual wedding anniversary gift suggestions below and see if there’s something there that you think will give you a “WOW!” response rather than the traditional “Thank you!”

Unusual anniversary gifts may be based on their interests and taste, you should know more about your parents’ hobby and interest. If your father or mother loves reading spy novels, another anniversary gift idea could be to send them to a spy academy where they can learn techniques to become their own version of James Bond.

Imagine sharing a glass of wine with the love of your life as you sail above the tree tops on your special day – it doesn’t get much better than that!

You should learn how to say “I love you” with their 15 Anniversary Gifts. Gift for anniversary, it is significance and wonderful. Anniversary gifts can be just about anything though. How do you know what type of present do you need to get the true love of your life in celebration of the time you have spent together?

Jewelry is the tried and true classic anniversary gift that everyone expects and all people enjoy. Picking out a sparkling item can be difficult though with so many options from which you can choose.

You can customize a crystal wedding anniversary plaque at for them. They will be interested in the clear perfection and sparkling reflection of the plaque. It is also perfect decoration in your family.

You know crystal plaque have that wonderful factor that attracts attention and say “You’re special”. And the crystal item is always the symbolization of pure, holy and loyal love. They have an appearance that is vastly different from ordinary and they are a transparent material that reflects and refracts lights. It doesn’t matter where they are displayed.