What is Your Holiday Greeting Following New Year’s Day

What is Your Holiday Greeting Following New Year’s Day?

Most businesses send out holiday greeting, usually cards, to show appreciation to those customers, vendors and friends for helping make the previous year a good one…and most of those greetings get filed in the waste basket the first day back following New Year’s Day.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when you send your holiday greeting to customers that yours will be met with a little more consideration and enthusiasm than those that wind up in the trash?

Engrave Holiday Greeting on Gifts


But now, you will win the surprised harvest if you choose the unique engraved gifts, the engravers would like told you they have a unique opportunity when it comes time to send our holiday wishes.

They have the tool and skill to make greeting “card” that reflect our trade and specific business and they also have the ability to personalize them. As human being, we all have the need to be recognized individually, and we love to see our names immortalized in some fashion.

So if you send your engraved gifts to our customers, vendors, and good friends. You know they are no different when come to seeing their names engraved on a gift or award.

Engraved Crystal Gifts

Rectangle Crystal Plaque All Star Crystal PlaqueCrystal Book Plaque

Therefore, I would like ask you what your holiday greeting following New Year’s Day is.

There are many different engraved gifts items to choose from and all of them can be personalized. The engraved crystal gift will be unique and beautiful, especially the crystal plaque.

You can customize a crystal plaque with your appreciation wording for your parents; design a special crystal retirement awards to your retired friends; your pastor will be interested in the crystal plaque features a touching design with praying hands and the shape of Bible.

Let the engraved crystal gifts as your holiday greeting on the New Year’s Day, believe me, you will have happy start.


Those special people who receive your greeting will know beyond a doubt they matter to you. Part of your experience will be in their hands. They’ll enjoy seeing their name on display all year long and they’ll be reminds of you each day, as they see and touch your personalized gift to them.

When you take the time and make the effort, friendship and relation become bonded. Now that will set you apart, not to mention firmly implanting in that special client’s mind what it is your business does.